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Omina Tricko
09-26-2019, 14:24
P2020 SmokePatch20 (BETA)
SmokePatch 20 is already in progress, this time we will share beta versions of the progress of SP20, users can test the progress and report any error in the comments below or at FB page, so we can correct faster.

Usually we start with a new database, which is the most important part in the patch, then we start adding features like new teams, kits, balls, boots, and all other graphics.

Users can download beta versions, not much features in these versions, you can see more details in the progress below:

Read carefully all the information below BEFORE using beta version.

here is the progress of exactly what we are doing so far:

- all players are now with licence, this means all have the correct original game ID.
- removed all duplicated players, except if there is a double in ACL, this is in a separated DB file, will be done at later stage.
- almost all players have real name, missing around 30 new players to be completed.
- all teams in the database have correct names, except fake teams that will be replaced later.
- correct logo for all teams.
- correct emblem for all competitions.
- real names for all competitions.
- added real madrid real kits (as a test for kits)
- added UCL 19/20 ball (as a test for balls)

1- Extract and run (smokepatch20 BETA1.exe)
2- Copy the Edit file (edit00000000) in the save folder of the game in documents, to remove any edits.

* game DLC files are not included, do not remove the ones in the download folder.
* it is better to test without any other additions to the game, to be sure of any reports.
* no live updates is integrated yet

SP20 BETA01:
MEDIAFIRE (http://www.mediafire.com/file/bnrwgjhtt5zgjfg/smokepatch20_BETA1.rar/file)
MEGA (https://mega.nz/#!N45z3KoA!1QdNAYlhbDMKfDHZItQEXZ7_5RgdIYFx0JFC37L BX0A)