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    In November :
    PS3 60GB + a Second Sixaxis + PES2008 = 449€

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    Quote Originally Posted by super cancel View Post
    In November :
    PS3 60GB + a Second Sixaxis + PES2008 = 449€
    Ovo je vrx cena...

    Eeee.... Shto owako nije bilo pre 2 meseca... Kad sam kupowao PS3 . . . Ushtedeo bix 250 €

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    Bravo super cancel.....Sad definitivno otklanjam dilemu da li 2 ili 3

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    ima neko 500e na zajam?

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    Quote Originally Posted by baja vule 007 View Post
    Bravo super cancel.....Sad definitivno otklanjam dilemu da li 2 ili 3
    ali morash da ga pazarish negde preko grane(sigurno imash nekoga).

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    imam, videcu ali ako se bude kupovalo PS3

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    Thursday, 4 October 2007

    W.E.N.B. : PES 2008 Impressions

    Just got back from a few fun days at a trade event in Birmingham, and boy have I got a lot to talk about! After taking in the delights on offer (Call of Duty 4, Mario Galaxy, Assassins Creed etc.), I was treated to an extremely up-to-date code of PES 2008!

    This was mainly thanks to both Michael Rotchell and Gareth Evans, senior members of the Konami sales team. Not an event where they were supposed to be showing off a near final version, but were kind enough to let me have a look for the benefit of the blog.

    I was like a kid in a candy store when Michael booted up the game on a PS3, connected to a nice 40inch Sharpe TV. After seeing him (and me for a bit) getting beaten by Germany playing as England, I took the opportunity to take a look through the menu's and familiarise myself with the new look. My main interest, like many viewers, was to check out the editing functions available this year. Unfortunately it wasn't what it was lived up to be, editing wasn't a step up from the current gen options. Sure there's the ability to scan your own face in and pop in logo's & sponsors of your favourite unlicensed teams, but the basic functionality just wasn't there.

    First off the 9 boots that we've seen are all whats on offer. Along with that the preset boots can't be edited. In PE6 on the PS2 you could at least create boots that resembled other brands, not this year on next gen I'm afraid. Then when checking through kit editing options I realised that the amount of preset designs to choose from have dramatically been decreased. Lets hope the new sponsor/logo import feature makes up for this.

    Feeling a little bemused by the editing, or lack of, I started a match. Choosing the mighty Milan vs the not so mighty Tottenham, I was greeted with a new option allowing you to change the grass patterns on the stadiums. As previously rumoured, there is absolutely no option to edit stadiums any further than the design of the playing surface. Ranging from diamond, squares and circles shapes, there were around 5 different looks you could create to the 15 stadiums on offer. Yes you read right, just 15 stadiums!

    After having a mixed first 5 mins with the game I was ready to kick off. Choosing 3 guys to always go up for corners (Nesta, Inzaghi and Ronaldo should do it) the match started. Quickly popping the game into wide cam I was treated to one of the best experiences I've had with a Pro Evo game...EVER. Gone was the frustration regarding the underwhelming front end, the gameplay is where its at and PES 2008 has it in abundance.

    The first thing to hit me was the slow pace. It's been a while since playing an advanced version in Leipzig, so it was much clearer for me compare the two versions. All I can say is that it's very close to the speed of Fifa 08. The X360 version was a little quicker and a little brighter in its colours, but it was pretty much the same. Gone were the players zipping around at an alarming pace in the demo, everything seemed more considered and lifelike. It was great to be passing the ball about, creating some beautiful moves and scoring some special (and meaningful) goals. I even managed to dive and grab a penalty! At first I also found it difficult to score, the 'keepers are certainly miles better than the demo. They are fantastic on 1-on-1 situations, closing down the angles very quickly.

    The feeling of playing PES was there. Whether that's a good thing or bad remains to be seen with some of the fans, as perhaps its a sign of the series not really moving on. It certainly feels familiar. In my eyes though that's a good thing, it was a pleasure to play, and left me with the feeling that I'd just played a game that I'll be playing for many months to come.

    The build that I played was around 3 weeks old, and had some issues that I was assured will be fixed in the final versions. I noticed slowdown on replays and corners, as well as some loss of detail when in wide cam - the boots all went to black, and you couldn't even see the rain!

    Overall though it was a great experience, I certainly feel honoured to have had time with the game. It's going to be keeping many people occupied when its hits on the 26TH October! Thanks again to Gareth and Michael for letting me have a bash, make sure you keep in touch guys!

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    Henry T90


    ps3 je masina.

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    PS3 40GB + PES 2008 bundle will cost 429.50€ according to a French retailer. It will release on November 14th.

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    Over 200 developers working on MGS4

    Talking as part of an in-depth interview published on Gamasutra today, Kojima Productions' Ryan Payton has revealed that there are over 200 developers working to complete Metal Gear Solid 4 for PlayStation 3, also commenting on the game's use of DualShock 3.

    Discussing the eagerly awaited Metal Gear Solid franchise continuation, which was one of the most high-profile titles at the recent Tokyo Game Show, Payton noted:

    "But the game is definitely under a lot of pressure, because the way things are turning out, this could be the first "must have" PlayStation 3 title on store shelves. Or, if not the first, then the second or the third. So, in that sense, there's a lot relying on it. People at Sony know that, and we've got literally 200 guys working on this title, day and night, making sure that it's perfect."

    This means that Metal Gear Solid 4 sports one of the largest teams ever working in the same location on one game title - Payton clarified that these developers are all working on the PlayStation 3 title within the Kojima Productions division of Konami:

    "We have that many in our group right now. We have over 200... we've been just beefing up the team as we got deeper and deeper into development. And then maybe after the game is finished, we'll get a little bit leaner and meaner."

    Elsewhere in the interview, which also covers many of the design decisions and artistic sensibilities that are feeding into MGS4 as a title, Payton discusses the DualShock 3 feedback for the title, noting:

    "This will be the premiere DualShock 3 supporting game coming out within the next six months. Gran Turismo 5 is, I'm sure, going to be impressive, but we've got some things that I can't talk about that people are going to really dig."

    He also added, as part of the detailed Gamasutra interview, which was originally conducted at Tokyo Game Show this year:

    "What's funny about the DualShock, though, I realized yesterday when some writers came in and I just placed the controller in their hands and had them play MGS4; for some reason it took them like ten or fifteen minutes to realize that the game had rumble. They would stop and say, "Oh! This -- you've got the DualShock 3!" And it's funny because you don't really realize it unless it's not there."

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    Bem ti sunce koja masina,sad znam sta zelim za novu godinu

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    Ma kakav playstation komp je zakon!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lola View Post
    Ma kakav playstation komp je zakon!!!!!
    Totalno bespotreban post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zizou View Post
    Totalno bespotreban post.
    Brate to je bio post da bi loma prestali toliko da drkate na sony.Brate da imas sony sad ti ne bi mogao da dodjes na net i da mi kazes totalno bespotreban post.

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    Brate ne loze mene te stvari a i svaki bolji ali stvarno bolji komp ima iste takve stvari

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    Quote Originally Posted by super cancel View Post
    Upravo tako.

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