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    The Sinking City is an action/investigation game set in an open world inspired by the universe
    of H.P. Lovecraft. In this new type of adventure, you take on the role of Charles W. Reed, an
    investigator in the 1920s United States. No sooner have you arrived in Oakmont, Massachusetts,
    than you are led to investigate a mysterious flood inundating the city, in the hopes of shedding light
    on the darkness that has seized the place and corrupted the minds of the inhabitants - and yours...
    Izlazi sledece nedelje.

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    Nekih 5-6 sati sam u igri... Uboli su art style, zvuk i atmosferu samo tako. Pa puta sam se i najezio.
    Istrazivanje i resavanje slucajeva prilicno zanimljivo, dobra prica, bas gura napred da se odigra.

    Sa druge strane, stutter i pop in kvare iskustvo.

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