Yeah and you do not know whether Division 2 Boosting will give you the best chance at getting anything you have absolutely no math or science or documentation from the bad men up the back what you are saying if you were to speculate logically rather than this illogical speculation that you and many other people percent you would speculate that the division 2 follows precisely the same loot pool principles if not the exact same percentage chance that the branch follows that means you can get anything from crimson bar could theoretically fall an exotic the odds are a lot lower on the division but it can happen when they alter the division patches back so that loot drops anywhere which my view was a terrible idea but you realize they didn't listen to me so I'd speculate and logically the division 2 loot pools would be divided up in much the same manner and you will be able to get this exotic weapon pretty much everywhere today this doesn't include parts for exotic weapons that you fabricate by getting all the parts and the blueprint I'm just talkin exotic drops because the parts thing is fresh and so does not have a precedent.

The Division 2 Boosting is two people involved, the snitch and the gun runner. Till you're in world Measure 1 gun runner won't spawn, the snitch spawns randomly in the beginning of The Division 2. In order for you to locate the gun runner you first track down the snitch and speak to him. By viewing the map, after speaking to him you will see a shopping cart close by. The issue with these videos is the snitch and the gun runner will be different for us. The snitch is close to the safe house from the south corner. Soon although I'm not 100% convinced once the reset us he will move elsewhere.