Season 7 is getting underway in Fortnite: Battle Royale, which Fortnite Items means that Epic Games is once more turning its development program into high gear. Epic vaulted that thing once it saw how much it had been distorting the game, but this weeks' item goes over just a tiny bit better. It's known as the Driftboard, a snowboard-like thing linking into the entire Winter motif of Season 7.

I will suppose that the reason Epic chose to not call this thing a snowboard is because it's going to function on any terrain from the game, though it still raises some questions concerning how it will actually operate. The map has a great deal more sharp cliffs than it will gentle slopes, and the Driftboard will need to be quite limited or viable on flat land as well. My guess is that it's going to spawn exclusively along with hills and behave as a sort of omnidirectional zipline.

That game is really pretty cool, with among the more unique takes on battle royale at a now expanding marketplace. It's hard to envision that Epic Games didn't pay some attention to it designed things such as ziplines and also the Driftboard for Season 7: we are aware that the developer isn't just preceding borrowing concepts from battle royale games.

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