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    Pozdrav da li je i kod vas problem logovanja na Origin? Pokušavam već sat vremena ne mogu,u čemu je problem?Hvala.

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    One person said that FIFA 19 is same FIFA 18. I'm playing FIFA 19 now and i wanna say this have very different. Such as when you are in defense with selected player, second player work very well and you can have a good and realistic pressure against opponent. teamwork on defense is better and also you can not easily attack. goalkeeper throws the ball so much more beautiful. moving players on ground has become stronger it means number of steps is proportional with amount of movement. and etc... i hope all of you can experience it SOON.

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    Naravno ,udjes u fifu 18 pa kasnije u 19 i vidis drasticnu razliku sto grafike i sto gameplaya.

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    Update V3:


    In this title update, there are a number of changes to, and issues resolved in, Gameplay, with a couple of key areas that we wanted to highlight in this Pitch Notes.


    First Time Finesse Shots:

    There have been adjustments to the effectiveness of first time finesse shots where the incoming ball is coming from behind the shooting player. These kicks are now more likely to be impacted by error resulting in potentially less accuracy, speed and spin.

    The most significant impact of this adjustment will be seen when the ball is coming into the player from directly behind them (180 degrees), with a reduction in the impact of the change scaling depending on the angle of the ball coming into the player, with the change only impacting balls coming in from between 135 degrees up to 225 degrees.

    180 Degree Ball Approach

    More shots are being miss-hit, and the spread of the shots is now more varied.

    135 Degree Ball Approach

    When the ball is coming in at a 135 degree angle, the difference before and after the title update is minimal, highlighting the comparison between the impact of the change when the ball is coming in at 180 degrees versus 135 degrees.

    Defensive Pressure

    We have made some adjustments to the impact that defensive pressure was having on a player that was trying to take a shot.

    Defensive Pressure In Front

    In situations where a shooting player was receiving pressure from defending players that were in front of them, we identified that the impact of this pressure was not affecting the shooting player enough, resulting in a success rate of shooting that is not in line with what you would see on the pitch.

    Defensive Pressure From Behind

    In situations where a shooting player was receiving pressure from defending players that were behind them, we identified that the impact of this pressure was having too much effect on the shooting player, resulting in lower shooting success than expected.

    Near Post Accurate Shots

    We were seeing that, in situations where an attacking player was trying to take a shot in an easy situation, such as when they had no pressure from defending players, or when they were not off balance, that shots that had been successfully aimed into the net and that were targeting a location that was near to the post, were missing the net more often than they should. We have made some adjustments that has reduced the likelihood of these shots missing the net.


    We had identified a number of instances where goalkeepers were not behaving as expected, and have made fixes to these issues. From the patch notes, here are the issues that were fixed:
    Keepers were sometimes kicking the ball forward when moving towards it instead of ****ing it up.
    Keepers were rarely not diving to intercept the ball after a cross was made into the box and the ball was close to the keeper.
    Keepers were sometimes not reacting to a penalty kick that was shot directly at them or very near them.
    Keepers were sometimes hitting a powered up first time lob pass too soft and low, potentially resulting in the opposing team getting the ball.
    User controlled players were able to push the keeper out of the way in a free kick situation.


    We are continuing the work in the Division Rivals pre-match flow that we started in the previous title update, aimed at making it easier for players to get into a match. Direct from the patch notes, here are the changes that are present in this title update:
    We have made changes to the Division Rivals pre-match flow in an effort to reduce the difficulty of some players finding a match.
    Your team will now always be displayed on the left side, and your opponent will always be displayed on the right side, regardless of which team is Home or Away, on the following screens:

    • Team Select screen.
    • Kit Select screen.
    • Match Preview screen

    On the Kit Select screen, both teams will now default to the kit assigned as their Home Kit.
    When on the Team Management screen, your team's crest will be displayed on the right side of the screen.


    Coming with this title update are 50 new starheads, 48 for players and 2 for managers. These will be usable in-game once a pair of server releases goes live, which is planned for shortly after the release of the title update on each platform.

    The full list of new starheads can be found below:

    • DA SILVA COSTA, Diego Atlético de Madrid
    • BALOGUN, Leon Brighton & Hove Albion
    • FERNANDES DA SILVA JUNIOR, Bernardo Brighton & Hove Albion
    • NORMANN, Mathias Brighton & Hove Albion
    • BENNETT, Joe Cardiff City
    • ETHERIDGE, Neil Cardiff City
    • HARRIS, Kadeem Cardiff City
    • MORRISON, Sean Cardiff City
    • MURPHY, Josh Cardiff City
    • PATERSON, Callum Cardiff City
    • RALLS, Joe Cardiff City
    • REID, Bobby Cardiff City
    • ARZANI, Daniel Celtic
    • ZAHA, Wilfried Crystal Palace
    • AGOSTO RAMÍREZ, Fabricio Fulham
    • AYITÉ, Floyd Fulham
    • BETTINELLI, Marcus Fulham
    • BRYAN, Joe Fulham
    • CAIRNEY, Tom Fulham
    • CISSÉ, Ibrahima Fulham
    • JOHANSEN, Stefan Fulham
    • KEBANO, Neeskens Fulham
    • LE MARCHAND, Maxime Fulham
    • MCDONALD, Kevin Fulham
    • ODOI, Denis Fulham
    • SERI, Jean Michaël Fulham
    • SESSEGNON, Steven Fulham
    • BOHUI, Joshua Manchester United
    • LINGARD, Jesse Manchester United
    • BATTH, Danny Middlesbrough
    • MUTŌ, Yoshinori Newcastle United
    • SANSON, Morgan Olympique de Marseille
    • KIMPEMBE, Presnel Paris Saint-Germain
    • FERNÁNDEZ, Enzo Rayo Majadahonda
    • BALE, Gareth Real Madrid
    • STURARO, Stefano Sporting CP
    • SON, Heung Min Tottenham Hotspur
    • NAVARRO CECILIANO, Marc Watford
    • ASHLEY-SEAL, Benny Wolverhampton Wanderers
    • BOLY, Willy Wolverhampton Wanderers
    • COADY, Conor Wolverhampton Wanderers
    • DA SILVA NEVES, Rúben Diogo Wolverhampton Wanderers
    • DOHERTY, Matt Wolverhampton Wanderers
    • IRIA SANTOS MOUTINHO, João Filipe Wolverhampton Wanderers
    • LOHNER MAIA, Leonardo Bonatini Wolverhampton Wanderers
    • NEVES ABREU CAVALEIRO, Ivan Ricardo Wolverhampton Wanderers
    • SAÏSS, Romain Wolverhampton Wanderers
    • TEIXEIRA DA SILVA, Diogo José Wolverhampton Wanderers
    • JOKANOVIC, Slavisa Manager
    • WARNOCK, Neil Manager

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    Da ne bih mnogo davio, preći ću na problem. Ne mogu na PC-u da podesim kontrole na tastaturi. Da li je neko voljan da mi pomogne? Hvala unapred.

    Bilo ko da pomogne?

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    ja zaista ne mogu da ti pomognem, ali mogu da te zamolim da ne igras na tastaturi brate


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