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Thread: PES 2017 SMoKE Update 9.5.1

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    Default PES 2017 SMoKE Update 9.5.1

    full patch 9.5 is needed

    Main changes:

    Fixed Balls/crash:
    there was an issue with the balls, this cause some to have a crash master league, also the Spanish league ball wasn't showing, now its fixed everything should be correct.

    Added national kits fix:
    included the fix previously released, and added some enhancements and minor corrections.

    Important Notes:
    there are some reports about heads of players in some teams not showing correctly, we have checked many times and found no problem, most probable cause is installing something else that could be the cause.

    - Full patch 9.5

    Installer (update 9.5.1):
    * update size: 20 MB


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    Default Odg: PES 2017 SMoKE Update 9.5.1

    PES 2017 smoke update 9.5.2:
    we are rebuilding the system files for the league switcher to make sure all options works perfectly in Master league, a reported potential crash when choosing african teams option, we will rebuild the system files and include in this update along with other updates and fixes.
    low quality settings users reported a bug with liverpool and france teams where the players appear headless occasionally, this will be resolved in this editing.

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    Default Odg: PES 2017 SMoKE Update 9.5.1

    PES 2017 SMoKE Update 9.5.2

    Main changes:

    Fixed heads with France and Liverpool:
    reports about a bug where the players heads disappears when playing with france and liverpool at lower quality settings, this issue is resolved and should show faces correctly.

    Fixed bug playing against flamengo:
    a bug when playing against flamengo team that prevented the game from loading, the problem originated in the ad boards of the maracana stadium in big events, this is fixed now.

    Fixed LFP ball:
    the main laliga official ball was not showing in the balls list, now its working properly.

    Added extra cpk slots:
    we have added 8 extra slots for customization same as in previous versions

    Reconstructed league switcher:
    we got reports about a crash going to next season in ML, we test the patch in ML for seven consecutive seasons without any crash, but we reconstructed the league switcher to avoid any problems because we test the patch with the default leagues (first option), all options should work fine in all modes.

    - Full patch 9.5

    Installer (update 9.5.2):
    * update size: 148 MB



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    Default Odg: PES 2017 SMoKE Update 9.5.1

    Announcement - master league crash in pes 2017
    This issue always comes up specially with new users of smoke patch, in short, we test the patch for seven consucitive seasons without any crash at all, so we don’t find any problems to fix.

    Most cases are the result of a bad game copy, so we always advise to use steam game or at least a good copy like ski***reloaded. Some cases the crash was caused by not following to guidelines of the patch like replacing the patch files (edit file or dpfilelist), other cases were the result of adding incompatible addons from other makers, such cases cannot be controlled or fixed. We only test the patch with smoke files.

    An important issue to mention is that once the master league is defected due to the reasons mentioned above, the master league cannot be fixed even if you fixed the cause, because the save will still carry the problem in it.

    If you have a crash in master league then do the following:

    - Get better game copy (preferably original)
    - install smoke patch and latest update from smoke patch website
    - start new master league

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    Default Odg: PES 2017 SMoKE Update 9.5.1

    Testing PES 2017 fix for Master league crash

    we are getting more reports about a crash in Master league in PES 2017 latest version, it is hard to localize the problem because in our test we do not crash.

    after analyzing specific cases and reviewing some of the patch system files, we will release an update with a fix for this issue, but to be sure we solved the problem we released a test file for the users to test and send us feedback if the problem is resolved.

    How to test:

    - Download FIX
    Download THIS file and extract it in the download folder of the game, replace the existing file.

    - Start new master league:
    Start a new master league with the latest smoke update 9.5.2, be sure you are using only the patch files without any changes of the edit file or the dpfilelist, so the test will be clean and authentic.

    after testing master league please send us here your feedback if it works fine, and if it doesnt please tell us the settings you played with (team, league, years,...)

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    Default Odg: PES 2017 SMoKE Update 9.5.1

    Announcement - Smoke patch plans

    PES 2017 smoke patch series:

    As you might already know, a lot of users are complaining about a crash in master league, most users do not see this error and it does not show in any of our tests, we are considering dropping the patch, instead we are planning to make a hybrid patch between 9.5 and the X patch, this means making a completely new patch that is based on the database of the X15 patch.

    As a result of this, a lot of database will change specially players ID, this means if you are one of the people who used to manually add faces will need to adapt the files with the new database.

    Using this shared database will remove any possibility of crash in master league or be a legend, as we are using a new method and scripts in pes 2018 that will be used for pes 2017 patch. this will also mean that updating roasters for the upcoming winter transfer will be applied to the whole database and will be applied to both versions at the same time.

    We will announce the exact plan when it is confirmed, a beta version might be ready after the release of the 2018 X15 patch.



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