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    Welcome to the first international tournament of 11vs11 full manual controls of PES2018 on PS4, which will start in the second week of January 2018.

    The first thing I want to do is to thank all the captains, representing the dozens of players that have been consolidating the 11vs11 manual community for months, the passion and perseverance with which we have managed to consolidate this initial idea that emerged in the summer and will finally culminate in the celebration of the tournament.

    The objective of this thread is to define the periods of this final phase of the project as well as the basic terms and rules that will allow to carry out this beautiful idea.

    The idea is to provide players with an organized gameplay to get a respectful and competitive group that can have fun and compete for a whole season.


    Goalkeepers will always be controlled by AI.

    The teams will be formed by the number of players that each captain considers appropriate. In each match it will be possible to play with a maximum of 10 players and will be obligatory to play with a minimum of 8 players to start an official match.

    In case of playing with less than 10 players, the surplus can be assumed by the AI ​​or by some or some players that lead to 'anyone'.

    The rooms will be created with matches of 15 minutes, difficulty legend (for goalies), Goalkeeper NO, Player Legend NO, Any YES , Injuries NO

    During the tournament period will be played one fixture per week. Each fixture will consist of two consecutive matches, so in each fixture both teams will fight for 6 possible points

    The fixtures of the tournament will be played on the day and time agreed between the captains of the two teams. Officially the bands to play matches will be included between Sunday night and Friday night, leaving free weekends. However, if the two captains agreed, a fixture could be arranged to dispute it at the weekend with full validity
    Regardless of the local team, the room will ALWAYS be created by the player with the best connection to try to avoid the possible lag.
    In case of being a player of the visiting team, the local team will locate in the left side for choosing stadium and pitch conditions.

    Each match will be played to the maximum length of time. I mean, 15 minutes. For two-legged league systems, on each fixture, it means in each of the two consecutive matches, the local team will choose stadium and pitch condition, always keeping the weather conditions set at 'random'. For league systems with one leg, on each fixture, a team will choose stadium and pitch condition in the first game and the other team will choose the same in the next, always keeping the weather conditions set in 'random'.

    Participating teams must choose between clubs of 4 stars or less, being able to repeat a club. The election of the club will be referred to the organizer privately, and if a club election is repeated, the teams involved will play the club in a KO round.
    The winning team of the KO round will keep the club in dispute, while the losing team will have to choose another club once discarded all the clubs assigned already to a team..
    If among the potential losers of the different club elections, election was repeated, the same system would be applied until all had a club assigned


    The tournament will be played with full manual controls, leaving the Through Ball Type at the player's choice. So that the controls can be set with any of these two configurations.


    The tournament system will be the one that guarantees:
    1. That the tournament lasts as short as possible within reasonable limits. This is so because the goal is to make a first short tournament to analyze the pros and cons that we find, in order to draw conclusions for future tournaments and to correct different aspects observed.
    2. Regardless of the duration of the tournament, all teams end up playing approximately the same number of matches although some do not reach the final stages (if these finally end up existing)

    For these two reasons, the tournament system will not be communicated until the second half of December, date in which the organization will already know the final list of participating teams.

    In any case of a tie at the end of a league phase, the classification will be decided by the particular goal average between two teams involved. If after applying this rule there was a tie or if the tie was between more than two teams, the positions of the classification would be decided by the rule of the general average goal.

    If after applying the general goal average, two teams are still tied, a KO round will be held to determine which of the two teams is above the other.

    All KO rounds will consist of two matches (home and away) with the away goals rule will be taken into account. Both matches will be held within 90 minutes without extra-time.
    If at the end of the KO round, the result after the goal rule is applied is still a tie, a third match will be held with extra time and penalties and with pitch and weather condition in 'random'


    The 11vs11 manual community has some teams with strong infrastructures behind them, such as web pages, forums or YouTube channels with a large number of visits.
    There are players of some teams with youtube channels where the visits of the live broadcasts of the 11vs11 matches duly promoted are counted by hundreds. For this reason, each participating team must provide a first and second kit so that users who are going to broadcast the matches place them in the rival's club as well as in their own.

    A Dropbox space has been created where the organization will post common documentation (like this document) and where the captains will hang their kits in addition to any other file that the organization might require.

    To create the kits you can use the Creator Kit from the page
    All the kits must implement the patch of the competition on the sleeve, which you will find in the Dropbox with the name of LOGO LIGA PES.png

    Kits should be placed in the KITS folder, with these:

    The access data to that Dropbox will be communicated shortly to the captains of the teams by private message.

    For this first tournament, the kits will be placed as third and fourth kit (if it’s possible due to licensing issues) in the chosen clubs, so it is not necessary to create a secondary account in PS4 to place the new kits.

    For future tournaments, the possibility of creating players in the Become A Legend mode will be studied in order to create clubs born from zero with the possibility of creating club names and even shields in addition to the kits.


    Currently these are the 11vs11 teams that present activity.

    Team name – captain’s psn_id - Kete15
    PESpain - SerchPES - zexsim
    JPAL UNION - Projet82
    NIUTIN FM - Rukistyle
    Kazuki Itoslosdemas - kapomc
    Pro Evo Network - NL_BigBoss
    Winning Eleven - Anth0logY90
    Les Detendus - trazom_11
    Ligapes - peperecre1987
    ProAdictos - penha69 - shaja1312
    Pro Fuma Soccer – Zhephania

    For reasons of stability and durability of the tournament, only those teams that demonstrate a constant activity similar to the one that will be demanded once the tournament has started can participate in it.

    For that reason only the teams that from this week until Friday 22 of December will be able to demonstrate at least one match per week will be finally inscribed.

    For this reason, an Excel document called MATCHES.xls has been created in the Dropbox where the captains of the teams playing matches must update the match, the date, the teams that have disputed it and the agreement of the two captains .

    No disputed match will be considered valid without the consent of the two captains mentioned in the Excel document.

    After the deadline on December 22, all teams that have submitted their kits and have credited their weekly match, will be automatically inscribed in the tournament.
    In the last week of 2017, the captains will be informed of the system under which the tournament will be played.

    It is important that you know that with the actual shown participation, all teams on this list will be inscribed in the January tournament. So keep like this dudes!

    If anyone reading this believes they can form a team capable of meeting the requirements to play the tournament, please send me a private message on PS4. My psn_id is Kete-15 and I will accept messages until November 15th.


    The follow-up of the tournament will be carried simultaneously by this thread of the pes-serbia webpage for the english-speaking public and the website LigaPES in spanish.
    In this thread the players of the participating teams will be able to post reviews and videos of the matches, the readers will be able to comment on them and everyone will be able to say what they want respecting the standards of good behavior that prevail on the page.
    Once a week the organization will update the classification at the end of each fixture. In this first tournament, only the general classification of the tournament will be carried out, obviating the classification of scorers, assistants and cards. The expulsion of a player off the match either by accumulation of yellow cards or direct red, does not carry to suspension for any subsequent game.


    -November 2017: Kits presentation. Every team that wants to participate in the tournament must submit their kits in Dropbox before November 30, 2017
    -December 22, 2017: Inscription closing. Checking matches pointed to in the MATCHES.xls document in Dropbox. All teams that have played a weekly game at least will be inscribed in the tournament
    -29 December 2017: Communication of the competition system and its calendar -8 January 2018: Start of the tournament. Fixture 1 plays

    And that's it. I hope to have you all in the tournament and to be the beginning of something lasting, beautiful and exciting for all to share.


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    We are proud to announce that seconf week of Juanuary, 2018 the competition finally starts
    During this december, the teams had choosen its clubs and they're fighting for them in the case of repeated elections.

    In the last week of 2017 we upload withe the final club elections and the calendar of the competition.

    Meanwhile enjoy of our presentation video




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