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Thread: Face rasovukadinovic1989

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tango View Post
    snasao sam se nekako,nego da te pitam,preko kog igraca si ga radio?
    Ne znam da li je Sterling ili Zaha.

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    None of these faces will be available to download outside the patch? I want them so badly.

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    It will not be out patch, but if you need some faces I'll send you

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    Could you please send me Red Star's faces? I have the most of the team, but i'd like to update my team a bit more. Don't worry. I won't share them anywhere. It's just for my personal use. Sorry, i don't speak serbian. Thank you for your kind answer!

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    I'll send it when I have time to sort them out.

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    Thank you very much, sir!

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    Druze moze link face Danijela Aleksica?

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