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Thread: VirtuaRed Patch 2017 v1.0 (PES 2017 PC)

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    Default VirtuaRed Patch 2017 v1.0 (PES 2017 PC)

    – Compatible with Konami’s DLC 2.0.
    – All the competitions have been renamed. Created the competitions: Bundes, Liga MX, J. League, Libertadores.
    – Renamed all the non licensed teams and also the short names (3 letters).
    – All the teams licensed into database. Licensed the team Old Boys.
    – Stadiums assigned to their respective teams and national teams.
    – Linked all the adboards to the competitions, teams, and national teams.
    – Real groups for Champions League, based on 2016/2017 season.
    – Reordered the Other Europeans and Latinoamericans teams.

    Edit file:
    – All the balls assigned to the correct national & international competition.
    – Sleeves budgets linked to the specific competitions.
    – Squares created for teams: Wolfsburg, Bayern, Monchengladbach, Mainz, Leipzig, Dortmund, Leverkusen, Schalke.

    - This patch has the best and more complete faces compilation that you will find. We have a great collection formed by 2026 faces and hairs of players, all of them in the best quality and 100% tested ingame. We have chosen the best face for every player, and the most updated hair.

    – Original kits for Serie B, LaLiga Santander, LaLiga 1/2/3, and also Juventus, Sassuolo (Serie A). The best quality is guaranteed.
    – Original referee kits for UEFA Champions League, AFC Champions League 2016, Copa Bridgestone Libertadores. Added generic Adidas kits.
    – All the sleeves badges have been replaced by the official ones in all the competitions.
    – Generic Nike shin pads.

    – All the default gloves in HD quality.
    – Added standard Nike player gloves.

    - All the default boots in HD quality.

    - Big compilation formed by the official balls of all the competitions included in the game (both national and international competitions). It also has been included the winter season models.

    – All the team, national team, and leagues logos are in HD. In addition, all the non-licensed teams logos have been replaced by the original ones.
    – Added TV logos for Exhibition, Master League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Super Cup, AFC Champions League, Copa Libertadores.
    – New background for screens: “Press any button”, “Loading”, “Edit”, “Match”.
    – Button and gamepad replaced by the Playstation 4 ones.

    – Added a very complete stadiums pack. All the stadiums in a very high quality and with updated adverts. This pack extends the number of available stadiums up to 40 (39 real + VirtuaRED stadium).

    – Added original adboards for all the national and international competitions. Also added adboards for some specific teams (Arsenal FC, Chelsea FC, LiverPool FC, Manchester City FC, Manchester United FC, FC Barcelona) y and national teams (France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain). New generic adboards.
    – Better turf textures for the the stadiums.
    – Improve the rain effect.
    – Added animation for trainers (during the match).

    Video review:

    - Download and unzip the ten parts, then, install the patch executing the installer and just play the game...

    Part 1 |!EkcynRza!r9v1MeqFY...a7BJvY1PCJ3fdY
    Part 2 |!Q5tU0AQb!yq3fcrZJM...Dw3LrTfeCynn20
    Part 3 |!Jh1UkCRR!7ppFfAilc...0F92QdCmTna8_8
    Part 4 |!ctlhXRpD!AXTZQTNBC...SkqElkYLrRScsM
    Part 5 |!NsMxlTYI!XFa2oWxPi...a4hEgl3RTySmmg
    Part 6 |!JsUzXLLY!TVKO9W8eh...uXnorHxZ5leZLE
    Part 7 |!wgkwnDbC!RMepMblG7...NZFZeS1Lk1cXrU
    Part 8 |!0lUwzJDb!M4r_7RlEz...MoK7By6uGB9nlc
    Part 9 |!wt9wCIIT!ECNoS9zPS...2PHr1EMZoeb-gA
    Part 10|!Q11yxJZS!VcVRu2hWF...6C3IxFBzwCHp_4

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    Default Odg: VirtuaRed Patch 2017 v1.0 (PES 2017 PC)

    Ukoliko sam pazljivo pogledao snimak cini mi se da ima dosta gresaka sto se tice dresevo timova i sastava ekipa Bajernu nisu dobri dresevi potugalska liga takodje a sastavi ekipa iz europa others nisu uopste tacni o cemu je ovde rec.Inace ovako deluje zanimljiv patch zbog velikog izbra stadiona i lopti.

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    Default Odg: VirtuaRed Patch 2017 v1.0 (PES 2017 PC)

    Tacno je, ima gresaka. Ali mislim da svi pecevi koji su do sad izasli imaju neke greske i mislim da je ovaj relativno dobar i zato sam ga postavio, nadam se da ce uskoro da izadje neki fix ili update koji ce to da sredi. Za detalje moraces licno njima da se obratis...

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