Problem sa kojim se suocio svako ko je nekad probao da spakuje 2 scoreboarda u igru bez switchera. Ako samo zamenite bin fajlove, oni ce ostati vezani za teksturu. Kako bi relinkovali te teksture, koristite sledece uputstvo:

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Look it's really simple
You download Hex-editor
Then you export the right .bin you want to change : example : I want to change the exhibition scoreboard, i export the unnamed_593.bin
Then you unzlib the unnamed and you open the unzlibbed file with Hex-editor.
At the top, to the right you'll see "game_00.scr_x", with x standing for a number.
The x is the place of the png in unnamed_151 (e_text)
If you put 1, you'll have to put the png in the 5th postion in unnamed_151
If you put 2, you'll have to put the png in the 6th position in unnamed_151
and so on

Then you save the file with hex-editor, you zlib it into the bin (just drop the file on "import" and take the bin file (even if you think nothing happenend)
You import the bin in you 0_text.afs in your kitserver and it's OK !!
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