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Thread: Novi pes6 server

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    Default Novi pes6 server


    Easy to start playing in three steps:

    1. Register an account here:

    2. Modify your system's hosts file (usually located in C :/ WINDOWS/system32/drivers/etc): add these two lines at the end:

    3. Start the game, go to "NETWORK" mode. When entering "Password", you need to enter both your username (that you chosen in step 1), and your password, separated by the dash ("-") character. For example, if your username is "Test", and your password is "123", then you should enter: Test-123. (It is advised that you only use Latin symbols and digits for your usernames and passwords)

    The server is currently open to everyone, and you can play with any roster you like. The only requirement is that the roster of your opponent (s) in the match room is the same, otherwise you won't be able to connect to each other and start the match.
    Development Server - Juce, reddwarf
    Setup and installation - ZL @ T @ N.

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