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Thread: Mininalna brzina neta za online igranje

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    Default Mininalna brzina neta za online igranje

    Koja najminimalnija brzina neta moze biti da bi se igralo online?

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    Default Re: Mininalna brzina neta za online igranje

    Download nije problem, to svi ispunjavaju, ali bi uopad trebao da bude ne manji od 256kb/s

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    Default Re: Mininalna brzina neta za online igranje

    15mbit / 6mbit
    Ovo je dosta za Online?

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    Default Re: Mininalna brzina neta za online igranje

    Quote Originally Posted by Димитар View Post
    15mbit / 6mbit
    Ovo je dosta za Online?
    Trebalo bi da jeste, najlakse je da odes na pingtest i odratis testiranje konekcije i onda taj link samo postavis ovde i odmah ces znati da li mozes ili ne mozes da igras online...

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    Default Re: Mininalna brzina neta za online igranje

    I od naredni mesec + imam bojli net paketi za ista cena ide sa pogolemu BRZINU

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    Default Re: Mininalna brzina neta za online igranje

    Da, ok je ping, trebalo bi da bez problema igras pes online...

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    Default Re: Mininalna brzina neta za online igranje

    OK Onda odvaj cekam taj 20 sep...

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    Default Re: Mininalna brzina neta za online igranje

    Moze li se igrati sa pingom od 54 ms i uploadom od 0,15 ms ??
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    Default Odg: Mininalna brzina neta za online igranje

    Mislim da ne. Idi na i proveri upload.

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    Default Re: Mininalna brzina neta za online igranje

    Na tom testiranju ping ti je veći zato što nemaš instaliranu javu.

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    Default Re: Mininalna brzina neta za online igranje

    Koliko mora biti minimalan upload za normalnu igru bez laga ???

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    Default Odg: Mininalna brzina neta za online igranje

    Evo ko zna engleski ovo može da mu bude od pomoći.

    If you are experiencing lag while playing PES online
    PES 2012 PC, PES 2012 Xbox 360, PES 2012 PS3, PES 2011 PS3, PES 2011 Xbox 360, PES 2011 PC
    Network, General

    To play PES optimally online it requires a good internet connection from both players. If you believe you or your opponent has an internet connection problem, please make sure you link them to during your match. Remember - even if your connection is fine it’s important to link opponents to this page so that they can get help in improving their experience.

    This guide will help you if you are experiencing lag while playing PES online. If you have been sent to this page by another PES player it’s because they think that you might have some problems with your online connection, and these tips might improve the quality of your online game.

    Turn off other applications
    While playing PES it is best if you make sure any other device that shares your online connection with is switched off. Ideally the only thing using your connection would be the platform you are playing PES on. This means turn off all other PC’s, laptops and any other device that might try using your connection while your playing. If you do have your PC on, or you play on PC, make sure all other programs are switched off; MSN, torrenting software, any downloads, etc. If any of these applications attempts to access the internet while you play it can cause lag during your games.

    Do not use wireless
    If at all possible it is better to make sure your console or PC is connected directly to your router/switch by wire. Although it is possible to play PES via wireless it is not recommended. Wireless is not always stable, and there are many things that can affect the signal quality strength such as mobile phones, distance from the router or even a neighbour's wireless connections. Believe it or not, it is actually far cheaper just to run a wire from your router/PC to your consoles and the improved stability and connection you will get is enormous.

    For those wanting to try a wire there is a 20M cable available here for very cheap (you can get a further £1 off in our newsletter)

    Speed Test
    Check your connection at
    You must run this test from your PC with no other activity on your PC (turn off other applications)

    PES ideally requires a
    Download speed of at least 2MB/s
    Upload speed of at least 0.25MB/s
    A ping of less than 60 ms

    If your speed test shows your internet connection is below this then there may be things you can do to improve it. Improving these things will not only improve playing PES online but it will also speed up everything you do on the internet, from playing games to downloading music.

    Check cabling
    Is your router plugged directly into the phone socket? If it isn’t and you’ve had to run an extension cable to make it reach your PC/Router, then this extension cable might be reducing your connection speeds. To test this try to take your PC/Router directly to the phone socket and connect without extensions, run again if your connection is greatly improved then your extension is causing you problems. Suggest trying new cables or moving your router to be plugged in directly to the wall and extended via network cables from the router rather than via phone lines.

    Internet Service Provider
    Some ISP’s throttle your connection which can have the result of causing lag, however it is sometimes possible to identify problems and contact your ISP so they can make changes to improve your connection.

    The first thing ideally is to know what kind of connection you should be getting based on the packaged you are paying for, there are an enormous amount of broadband deals available, but its important to note even though you think you have an 8Meg line very often you won’t be getting anywhere near that connection. In some cases you aren’t actually even getting a 10th of what your paying for.

    Virgin ISP specific help visit

    Sky ISP specific help visit


    If you have a very high ping, try contacting your ISP to see if they can lower it for you. ISPs often also give tips to help you with lag. With Sky, for example, you can visit for information on improving your ping with them.

    If your ping is above the recommended setting of 60ms you can try to call your ISP and let them know how this is effecting you. As well as using to test your ping you can also try

    If your connection is much worse than you think it should be, this can sometimes be down to noise on the phone line. You can test this by calling your phone line provider (usually BT) and asking them to check the line for you. If there is a lot of noise they may improve it for you.

    Some ISP’s limit your connection at certain times of the day, often at peak times when you want to play online e.g between 5pm – 12am. You can test this by running a speed test at times when you think it is slower, and then again at off peak times. If your speedtest comes back much slower during peak times, you could be limited and may need to talk with your ISP or even change ISP if you want to play during these times. An ISP throttling your connection like this could take you below the minimum requirements for playing PES.

    The router or modem that you are using may not be suitable for online gaming. Very often the routers you receive free from your ISP are very cheap and poor quality. If possible you could try another router to see if your Speedtest improves. As every router is different there may also be many options you can change in the router to improve online gaming.

    Changing ISP
    If you’ve tried all of the above then it may be you need to take the plunge and change ISP. As with everything in life you really do get what you pay for. Often the cheap ISP that you get your phone, broadband, TV and kitchen sink thrown in free with is not the best. If you're serious about online gaming, it might be worth paying a little more to get a better provider. Please visit to compare ISP’s and find out more. You can also use this to see if your current provider is up to scratch.

    Further Help
    If you want to discuss this further then please see the 'help me with your connection' thread.

    Remember, if your opponent has a bad connection direct them to

    U svakom slučaju bitno je da imate upload veći od 256 kbps, što manji ping, jitter takođe što manji (ispod 10 je recimo prihvatljivo), ne sme da varira mnogo, a packet loss je obavezno da bude 0, u suprotnom nešto nije uredu sa vašom internet konekcijom imaćete LAG 100%.

    Ovo ispod je rezultat koji je i više nego dovoljan za online igranje, tako da se merite prema tome. Naravno može download i upload da bude manji nego na testu ispod (čak i duplo), ali što se pingtesta tiče tu je bitno da rezultat bude što niži!

    *Instalirajte javu da bi vam merio i packet loss na pingtestu

    Takođe idite na Start/Run pa kucajte CMD i tu unesite ping -t da bi proverili stabilnost veze i da vidite da nema neki velikih varijacija u pingu, gledajte ovu kolonu time=14ms dole. Znači što manji da bude i da ne bude nekih velikih skokova...

    Ovo je ono što je dovoljno da proverite sami što se vaše konekcije tiče i da zaključite da vam je konekcija ok.

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    Default Odg: Mininalna brzina neta za online igranje

    A i bitno je da svi ostali programi koji koriste internet konekciju budu iskljuceni, kao Skype, MSN, Torent, i slicno......
    Tada se jedino mogu izmeriti svi podaci......

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    Default Re: Mininalna brzina neta za online igranje

    Upravo ovo što je maremas pisao sam ja pitao pre par nedelja. PING i JITTER su podjednako bitni kao i upload. Ja sam imao padove u pingu i sa SBB-om se naganjao oko toga mesecima. Sad su nešto radili i konačno mi je PING stabilan, tako da sam spreman (valjda) za online igranje.

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    Default Re: Mininalna brzina neta za online igranje

    Da li je moguce nekako uticati na poboljsanje pinga i jittera? Uvek kad merim prikaze mi malo drugacije, nekada je ok, nekada je preveliki, ali ping mi nikada nije ispod 26 i to u najboljem slucaju...imam adsl kod telekoma paket 4096/512...

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    Default Re: Mininalna brzina neta za online igranje

    ovo je rezultat na pingtestu
    ovo je rezultat na speedtestu

    rezultati se malo bas i ne poklapaju sto se tice PING-a. da li neko moze ovo da pogleda (maremas) i da ocenu da li moze na ovakav internet da se igra!?


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