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Thread: Cegonsoft Corporate Training | Corporate Training for LAMP

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    Default Cegonsoft Corporate Training | Corporate Training for LAMP

    Dear IT Professionals,
    CEGONSOFT PVT LTD, Malleshwaram - Pioneers in software training programs, which has quality training and infrastructure up to the mark of the IT industry requirements.Training cum Interview Assurance



    o Starting, stopping and restarting the Apache HTTP server
    o Configuration with httpd.conf
    o Setting up virtual hosts
    Php programming
    o HTML, JavaScript, DOM
    o Php 5 core, php 4 vs. php 5
    o Classes and Objects
    o Session and cookies, working with Streams
    MYSQL, php database connectors and API
    Advanced php, php and XML, parsers and AJAX
    Web services in php , sending email with php

    How do we connect to mysql using php script?



    echo "Connected to MySQL server";

    Note :

    If we passing the password as "root" then it will show warning message as well as the error message.

    If u dont want the warning message to be displayed use





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    Default Re: Cegonsoft Corporate Training | Corporate Training for LAMP

    Modovi/admini brišite ovo,spominje Mysql,php,apače...Oće da hakuju deca

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    We can ASP script tags and Short open tags in php by configuring in php.ini configuration file.

    Make ASP style =ON
    Make Short open tags=ON

    php script tag

    ASP script tags

    <% %>
    <%= %>

    Short open tags
    <? ?>
    <?= ?>

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    Python is a high level programming language for code readability.

    Python is often used as a scripting language with functional programming and object programming.

    Python is mostly suited for web applications and a number of Linux applications have been developed in python.

    Python has been used in several video games .

    Python has been used in artificial intelligence and in information security industry.

    Cegonsoft provides highly qualified and well equipped technical team to handle the Technology

    Exhilarating placements immediately after training.



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