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08-04-2008, 17:52

http://img301.imageshack.us/img301/7777/captura1vi4.th.png (http://img301.imageshack.us/my.php?image=captura1vi4.png)http://img299.imageshack.us/img299/1211/captura2zd4.th.png (http://img299.imageshack.us/my.php?image=captura2zd4.png)http://img299.imageshack.us/img299/9926/captura3xu0.th.png (http://img299.imageshack.us/my.php?image=captura3xu0.png)http://img148.imageshack.us/img148/9130/captura4rf5.th.png (http://img148.imageshack.us/my.php?image=captura4rf5.png)http://img95.imageshack.us/img95/7485/captura5sn4.th.png (http://img95.imageshack.us/my.php?image=captura5sn4.png)
http://img169.imageshack.us/img169/4871/captura6oj5.th.png (http://img169.imageshack.us/my.php?image=captura6oj5.png)http://img523.imageshack.us/img523/2369/captura7ku0.th.png (http://img523.imageshack.us/my.php?image=captura7ku0.png)http://img99.imageshack.us/img99/6254/captura8yu3.th.png (http://img99.imageshack.us/my.php?image=captura8yu3.png)http://img169.imageshack.us/img169/4608/captura9rz1.th.png (http://img169.imageshack.us/my.php?image=captura9rz1.png)

Option File:
Contains the promoted teams for ALL leagues.
Updated to 100% brings all the signings up to 31 July. Includes very polished stats. We have taken into account the current form of the players from their performances during the past season as well as during the Eurocup.
Concerning the teams, this patch contains the English, Italian, Spanish, German, and French leagues plus a combination of 20 teams chosen from those which advanced to the round of sixteen in the Copa Libertadores and two Chilean teams.
Another addition, brought by this patch and seen very rarely, is that all the names of the players and the teams have been changed to lower case letters.

Caras / Faces:
A complete Faceserver with more than 1000 faces. We have selected the best faces and most realistic hairstyles, taking into account the current fashions of each player. The best-known clubs are practically complete. Additionally, there are faces which our editors have made which are exclusive to this patch. In general, the patch contains a large number of high quality faces.

Equipaciones / Kits:
All teams wear their kits for the 07/08 season (soon, for the 08/09 season) the teams in the Eurocup wear the kits which they used during the competition. All the kits are the highest quality home and away goalkeepers as well as players.

Estadios / Stadiums:
More than 160 stadiums in a complete Stadiumserver. The patch brings the stadium of all the clubs, national teams, as well as the stadia of the Eurocup--just like in your dreams! Additionally, we have changed the goals and nets of many stadia.

Botas / Boots:
The latest models of the brands used by our footballers. Furthermore, we have assigned trademark boots to the players who currently wear them.

Balones / Balls:
A detailed selection of the best balls and the latest models.

Marcador / Scoreboard:
Personalize your patch with a fantasy scoreboard, modifying the radar and style in general.

Menús / Menus:
This patch offers a beautiful visual style which radically changes the boring backgrounds used in PES. A careful graphical presentation to the last detail, seeking elegance and perfection.

All the logos and banners of the ligues and cup competitions have been changed for the originals, which lends an impressive sense of realism to the game.

Narraciones / Comments:
Do not miss the commentary of Cadena SER (the principle radio station of Spain), which will give a touch of entertainment, emocion, and humor to your games.

Música / Music:
We have sleected the best music for the different menus of the game. The patch comes with a long list of the best songs, the majority adapted to your PES. Enjoy the best music when you sign players, change the lineup, watch the best plays, etc.

Cánticos / Chants:
We have improved the chants of the clubs and national teams, from the generic chants, so that you will enjoy a higher sense of realism as you hear the fans supporting your team.

Otros / Others:
Among other improvements, this patch includes all the real banners, changes the buttons of the XBox for those of the PS3, and changes the replays so that they contain the logos of all the leagues and cups. Additional changes include holograms of trophys, entrance flags, position symbols... and many others which you should discover and which will leave you surprised.

Option File: (400 Kb) Sendspace (http://www.sendspace.com/file/w7z5ap) Mediafire (http://www.mediafire.com/?moagyzxx2tz) Filefront (http://files.filefront.com/Option+Filerar/;11338248;/fileinfo.html)
Kitserver (7.3.1): (2,8 Mb) Sendspace (http://www.sendspace.com/file/lmpkpv) Mediafire (http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?tdydzt9jjmn) Filefront (http://files.filefront.com/kitserverrar/;11299550;/fileinfo.html) Megaupload (http://www.megaupload.com/es/?d=W5FQG6VT) Rapidshare (http://rapidshare.com/files/133655714/kitserver.rar.html) Gigasize (http://www.gigasize.com/get.php?d=ntfmz0pj1vc) Zshare (http://www.zshare.net/download/16256036ef4eec62/)
Carpeta "names": (2 Kb) Sendspace (http://www.sendspace.com/file/r5dtxx) Mediafire (http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?3nrfwgalmix) Filefront (http://files.filefront.com/namesrar/;11268491;/fileinfo.html) Megaupload (http://www.megaupload.com/es/?d=8A9S0KVB) Rapidshare (http://rapidshare.com/files/133338759/names.rar.html) Gigasize (http://www.gigasize.com/get.php?d=1hgvxmdtljb) Zshare (http://www.zshare.net/download/161783907f0e56c9/)
Carpetas cv_1, rv_s y rs_s: (522 Mb)
a) Entero: Próximamente
b) Dividido en partes:
Parte 1: Sendspace (http://www.sendspace.com/file/hnfhxt) Filefront (http://files.filefront.com/cv+1+rv+s+y+rs+spart1rar/;11292604;/fileinfo.html) Gigasize (http://www.gigasize.com/get.php?d=mldodwboxdc)
Parte 2: Sendspace (http://www.sendspace.com/file/8nfbe6) Filefront (http://files.filefront.com/cv+1+rv+s+y+rs+spart2rar/;11297187;/fileinfo.html) Gigasize (http://www.gigasize.com/get.php?d=2bfkxbt7jtc)
Carpetas cs, pdata y cv_0: (764 Mb)
a) Entero: Próximamente
b) Dividido en partes:
Parte 1: Sendspace (http://www.sendspace.com/file/snlgvw) Filefront (http://files.filefront.com/cs+pdata+y+cv+0part1rar/;11345658;/fileinfo.html) Megaupload (http://www.megaupload.com/es/?d=F8E1PZ4N)
Parte 2: Sendspace (http://www.sendspace.com/file/3rnaxq) Filefront (http://files.filefront.com/cs+pdata+y+cv+0part2rar/;11353183;/fileinfo.html)
Parte 3: Sendspace (http://www.sendspace.com/file/7vgsnf) Filefront (http://files.filefront.com/cs+pdata+y+cv+0part3rar/;11348498;/fileinfo.html)
Marcador: (290 Kb) Sendspace (http://www.sendspace.com/file/jjs3g2) Mediafire (http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?5zzj0tue9tm) Filefront (http://files.filefront.com/Marcadorrar/;11268492;/fileinfo.html) Megaupload (http://www.megaupload.com/es/?d=IQ4KPCLC) Rapidshare (http://rapidshare.com/files/133309541/Marcador.rar.html) Gigasize (http://www.gigasize.com/get.php?d=qqpgb542m6b) Zshare (http://www.zshare.net/download/16177921aaaa8b55/)
Equipaciones: (52 Mb) Sendspace (http://www.sendspace.com/file/9177do) Mediafire (http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?zovbusmnlfy) Filefront (http://files.filefront.com/unirar/;11281756;/fileinfo.html) Megaupload (http://www.megaupload.com/es/?d=UZDQNMJ6) Rapidshare (http://rapidshare.com/files/133595077/uni.rar.html) Gigasize (http://www.gigasize.com/get.php?d=7jo5m4x9ldb) Zshare (http://www.zshare.net/download/1624710210f241ad/)
Caras: (356 Mb) Filefront (http://files.filefront.com/facesrar/;11333555;/fileinfo.html)
Estadios: (2,5 Gb)
Parte 1: Filefront (http://files.filefront.com/stadiumspart1rar/;11307200;/fileinfo.html)
Parte 2: Filefront (http://files.filefront.com/stadiumspart2rar/;11315415;/fileinfo.html)
Parte 3: Filefront (http://files.filefront.com/stadiumspart3rar/;11326360;/fileinfo.html)
Parte 4: Filefront (http://files.filefront.com/stadiumspart4rar/;11328565;/fileinfo.html)
Parte 5: Filefront (http://files.filefront.com/stadiumspart5rar/;11332222;/fileinfo.html)

*Pronto pondremos más links de descarga de otros servers.

- Fix de kits, que contará con las equipaciones de la temporada 08/09.
- Fix de caras, que ampliará el faceserver aún mas.
- Fix de estadios, añadiremos más estadios y mejoraremos los actuales.
- Fix del option file, con dorsales oficiales y actualizando futuros fichajes.

08-04-2008, 17:53
[size=10]Option File:
Option File by Txak.
Algunos stats de la Copa Libertadores sacados del Option File del parche CHI-ARG, by Dark.Albo.
El resto de stats de la Copa Libertadores sacados del Option File del Superpatch América by FifaBolivia.
Nombres de los equipos y jugadores pasados a minúsculas by G-sus.

Caras / Faces:
- Equipos nacionales recopilados por FranJavi.
- Premier League recopilada por Txak.
- Serie A recopilada por C14.
- Ligue 1 Orange recopilada por FranJavi.
- LFP recopilada por C14 & FranJavi.
- Bundesliga recopilada por F1.
- UEFA A y B recopilada por FranJavi.
- Copa Libertadores recopilada por Eros.
Este parche contiene caras de los siguientes facemakers:

- Deportivista
- G-sus
- Skurt
- C14
- Eross
- F1
- Brujo
- Trasgu
- Pako71
- Alberto10
- Pijuelo89
- Anegor
- Serguei75
- Nossy
- Christopher91
- Kakadinho
- Fan Arsenal
- WerderFanUndKloseHasser
- Daywalker_1904
- BJ
- Madmax
- Meggys
- El_Fluppe
- Victorius
- Klear
- BH
- Envoy
- Radeljic
- Kingbob
- Sheridans
- Andrews
- PSVFan
- Denizimo
- Cerberus
- Aguero10
- Naughty008
- Roobydal
- Killer
- Sektor_G
- Fila
- Dragoes
- Cortamata
- Portocampeao
- Apatsi20
- Darcheville
- Manduca
- Jj_arsenalfc
- Pestana
- Hawke
- M@ks
- Darkshadow14
- LostPFG90
- UA_Grs
- Angelcry
- Sion
- Fabitu
- Agiga
- Oranje88
- Dexter20csgr
- Sahtarfan
- Nekete92
- Konstantin
- Ilias
- Maratik182
- Bartek-brt
- Cypmars
- Beckham23-7
- k1k@w1
- Ronie
- er_magic
- Reis94
- Kiboo
- Lenantais
- PES2008-custom
- Jeremou
- Darktunit
- Jo Bauer
- Wheberton
- Becks23la
- Magodemente
- Felipeabdo
- Maze32
- Master3000
- Giorgio46
- Joe Ohm
- Gunner
- Petrboat
- See5ky
- Newnitnn
- Only Iran
- Nord
- Fran Arsenal
- Pes fan 14
- Amir
- Reza
- MartintjuHHH
- Seba092
- Siwy0777
- Patty_b
- Mufan
- Rooss8
- The Witcher
- Binbin-Angel
- TheKadir
- Dap019
- Mczi
- Gerfvpin
- Bivach
- FeDe Debla
- The_pelado
- Leocozza
- Rozan82
- Mystiq
- Bilak
- Hooj
- Eysmond
- Fantasy_sky
- Giovani
- Ali
- Mori
- Devotional
- Szolpas
- Huba
- Vergara20
- Color

Equipaciones / Kits:
Todos los kits recopilados por Motorolav980.
Agradecimientos a Edu_101_Depeche & Txak por la aportación de algunos kits.
Este parche contiene kits de los siguientes kitmakers:
- Jvinu2000
- Motorolav980
- ZaGabria
- El_Gordito
- Evo-Web GDB

Estadios / Stadiums:
Todos los estadios recopilados por Adri_CCF.
Damos gracias a Clubbed2d por su gran recopilación de estadios para PES 2008.
Agradecimientos a Txak y FranJavi en la búsqueda de estadios.
Agradecimientos a Piponeto y DJ Salido por sus conversiones.
Redes by Darkman, Adri_CCF y Skills_Rooney.
Posters by Skills_Rooney y Adri_CCF.
Vallas by Arquero71.
Tambien agradecer los trabajos de las siguientes personas que han creado/convertido estadios:
- KONAMI (estadios extraÃ*dos del juego by Adri_CCF & Dj_salido)
- Dj_salido
- Inside181
- Rava71
- Ingeniero24
- Adrimg
- Ultrasur76
- Semao
- Manta
- Miskuamakus
- Jfjalburquerque
- Mkprods
- DiegoM10
- Johnao
- Javi_vega
- Maiers
- Vivaelmalaga2006
- Bokepunk
- Mickk222229
- PATE.Arminia
- Sedax
- Gwidon
- Liam90
- Mario79
- Siamak
- Bouquenom
- Olmekpo
- The Pelado
- Max
- Mexjap666
- Rikidiga
- Piponeto
- EA Sports
- NoFace
- PiN0YChris
- NormanKSC
- Vadim
- Spider67
- Nt89
- Txuki2005
- Nossy
- Fretz
- Freddy d.j
- Danilo10
- Bebu123
- Tottimas
- Linkin Park
- n4d4
- Pesconmebol
- Tardetito
- Rikidiga
- Zeuss
- Shawminator
- Sedax
- Panos99
- Eltoma
- Knell
- Eddy65
- Milos 23
- Slix
- Gkan
- Fran_Bolso

Botas / Boots:
Todas las botas by El_Gordito.

Balones / Balls:
Balones by Hayate, MiguelStyle, Redhead.

Marcador / Scoreboard:
Marcador original by Ma$k_Hi3p editado por FranJavi.

Menús / Menus:
Fondos by Franjavi & Txak.
Menu principal by FranJavi.
Pantalla "Pulsa un botón" by FranJavi.

Logos de ligas/copas by Cappo & jdl25.
Graficos de ligas/copas by r0b.

Escudos / Shields:
Escudos 64x64 by Cappo & jdl25.
Escudos 128x128 by SG & Osceanx.

Narraciones / Comments:
Utilizadas las narraciones del parche de la Cadena Ser by Moitespera.

Música / Music:
Música convertida a ADX by Txak.
Playlist by FranJavi.
Agradecimientos a Fernan_Gomez, Minguet, Eross, Adri_CCF, jdl25, Pesjesus, Brujo, F1 por la aportación de canciones.

Cánticos / Chants:
Cánticos by Fredo & Nico.

Otros / Others:
- Porterias sin sacos de arena by Ninuzzu, FCH.
- Botones PlayStation by Ninuzzu.
- Camisetas público by Borjyman, FCH.
- Pancartas by Txak.
- Logos E2G de FMGLive Forum by Franky_7.
- Entrance Flag by Buzzyhead.
- Previas estadios by Txak.
- Color Map by Amir and Reza.
- Replay Logos by Plamanu, SG, Oesukinsyn.
- Hologramas de Trofeos by FranJavi.
- Imagen de carga by El_Gordito.
- Position logos by Franjavi.
- Entrance flag by Buzzyhead.
- Roscos de ligas en menú editar by Txak

Bueno esto es todo, disfruten del parche!!

Preuzeto sa evo-weba

08-04-2008, 18:05
Cini mi se odlican po SS i infu, stavio sam ga na download.

08-04-2008, 18:23
dobar je patch,option fajl je najbolji do sad,al brate face sto je stavljao u patch su katastrofa,mislim to je on birao,videcete,al samo to je mana,ima jos neke sitnice i greske al gde pa nema

08-04-2008, 18:58
dali je bolji od pac patcha? !

08-04-2008, 19:59
Mislim da jeste...Meni ja sam inace PES sam nabudzio stavljajuci razlicite dodatke a ne kompletne patcheve. Ono sto mi se posebno svdidja ovde je OF! Odradjeni su transferi i sredjene ocene igraca! Takodje jos jedna dobra stvar su klubovi iz Copa Libertadores.

P.S. Jel bi mogao samo neko da okaci fajlove zastave? Da ne moram da skidam ceo cv fajl samo zbog toga!?

Ricardo Quaresma
08-05-2008, 08:32
Jel moze neko objasnjenje kako da ga instaliram!

08-05-2008, 09:55
ma dajte bre ljudi ko ce da skida 4,1 giga?
mislim da cu da preskočim onu priču sa stadionima i da ubacim svoje...

08-05-2008, 11:42
Jel moze neko da okaci tacno upustvo za instalaciju ovog patcha, jer ja sta god probao patch mi nije kompletan.

Ghost Rider
08-05-2008, 15:26
E ljudi e ima ovde da se skine samo dresovi samo mi ti treba znaci posebno za sezonu 089

08-05-2008, 22:53
Jel moze neko da okaci tacno upustvo za instalaciju ovog patcha, jer ja sta god probao patch mi nije kompletan.

jednostavno sam ubacio kitserver u folder gde mi je instaliran pes,kopirao sve u njega i pokrenuo....nemam pojma u cemu je problem kod tebe

08-05-2008, 23:04
Ni ja vala, popizdeo sam i vratio Evolution II patch.

08-06-2008, 09:04
face i stadione nisam skidao,nalepio sam sve u Kitserver-u pa u img-u...
cini mi se da komentatori malo zavijaju..kad objavljuju gol :-D

08-06-2008, 12:18
Jel vredi skidati ovaj patch?

08-06-2008, 14:02
Bez razmišljanja...

08-06-2008, 19:43
Ni ja vala, popizdeo sam i vratio Evolution II patch.

bravo Mara , po meni najbolji izbor

08-07-2008, 11:08
nisam odoleo...pa eto skidoh i stadione..vredelo je...stadioni su odlicni.....

08-07-2008, 18:46
patch nije los , ali ne svidja mi se to sto je na spanskom , a of je NAJBOLJI do sada mada vise mi se svidja PAC patch i njega koristim , a spanski komentator me nervira jel mnogo divlja

08-08-2008, 00:41
[QUOTE=Parni_Valjak;356237]nisam odoleo...pa eto skidoh i stadione..vredelo je...stadioni su odlicni.....[QUOTE]

Koliko ima stadiona u jednom delu (pretpostavljam da sva 4 dela imaju isti br. stadiona)?? Da ne skidam sve za dzabe...

08-08-2008, 09:04
pa buraz mozes i jedan part....mada mislim da u 1 delu malo ih imas...

08-08-2008, 15:03
patch je sjajan,ali zašto mi scoreboard ne valja . sve je belo na njemu?

08-08-2008, 16:15
patch je sjajan,ali zašto mi scoreboard ne valja . sve je belo na njemu?

hm.....ako si cepao patch preko patch-a ....kako si izlazili i lepio jedan preko drugog mozda si tu sje*o stvar.....
ja sam deinstall ceo pes08 pa ga install i stavio ovaj patch..i radi kao doxa :-D

08-09-2008, 15:57
jel moze neko da mi okaci ona 2 fajla za zastave?? da ne skidam sve samo zbog toga?
to su:

valda u cv_0.img

08-10-2008, 01:14
Pozdrav ljudi. Skinuo sam ovaj patch, uredno ga instalirao na cistu instalaciju pesa...sve radi najnormalnije osim sto mi je scoreboard u igri totalno zbagiran :)

Evo slike pa ako netko ima kakvu ideju neka mi please kaze. Hvala unaprijed :P

ps - koristim 16:9 scoreboard...ali probao sam i 4:3, ista stvar se dogodi....probao razne rezolucije, sve isto ovako.

http://img365.imageshack.us/img365/2981/scoreboardqa4.th.jpg (http://img365.imageshack.us/my.php?image=scoreboardqa4.jpg)

08-10-2008, 01:21
Zbog nekog cudnog razloga ne mogu editirati prijasnji post....no valjda mi necete zamjeriti :)

Evo ta dva fajla za kolegu Barcelona_Boy-a :P

ps. nikako ih nije htio okaciti, ne znam ni sam zasto....danas mi nista ne ide :D pa sam ih uploadao na sendspace.

evo linka:


08-10-2008, 10:58
Pozdrav ljudi. Skinuo sam ovaj patch, uredno ga instalirao na cistu instalaciju pesa...sve radi najnormalnije osim sto mi je scoreboard u igri totalno zbagiran :)

Evo slike pa ako netko ima kakvu ideju neka mi please kaze. Hvala unaprijed :P

ps - koristim 16:9 scoreboard...ali probao sam i 4:3, ista stvar se dogodi....probao razne rezolucije, sve isto ovako.

http://img365.imageshack.us/img365/2981/scoreboardqa4.th.jpg (http://img365.imageshack.us/my.php?image=scoreboardqa4.jpg)

Pa ja sam taj problem tešio tako što sam izbacio fajlove od scoreboard-a i ubacio opet.E jedino ako si radio patch preko patch-a.....

08-10-2008, 12:38
Okej darco budem probao izbaciti te fajlove pa ih skopirati ponovno. Nisam stavljao patch preko patcha, na cistu instalaciju sam ovo instalirao.

08-10-2008, 13:27
Ili probaj da skines neki drugi.
Ovaj sam ubacio umesto originalnog,manje bode oči http://downloads.gamingaccess.com/index.php?file_id=28346

08-10-2008, 14:45
Nasao sam u cemu je bio problem. U txt fajlu je pisalo da kopiram scoreboard u folder cv_0 i rs_s....posto ja imam meni i sve ostalo na engleskom zato su mi crne stvari....dakle ovo sto je trebalo kopirati u rs_s ja sam kopirao u rs_e.img i sada sve uredno radi i sve je na engleskom. hvala ti lijepa na linku koji si dao darco, skinuo sam i taj pa cu mijenjati po potrebi :)

08-11-2008, 01:07
Stvarno sam umjetnik :(

Sve uredno radi.....osim kada trebam igrati protiv chieva iz verone...svaki put me baci u windowse sa greskom "don't send, send error report". Jel tako i vama ili samo kod mene?

08-11-2008, 14:08
Dali bi mi neko okacio fajl unnamed_90.bin i PS3 gamepad?Please!

08-11-2008, 15:21
evo ga
jedino sto ne znam koji su fajlovi za gamepad

08-11-2008, 16:35
Nema veze za gamepad ali dali bi mogao onda trofeje?Hvala ti stvarno si NO1!

08-11-2008, 19:29
nisam siguran koji su fajlovi u pitanju,ali probaj sa ovim


ako nije,probaj da saznas koji su fajlovi,pa cu da ti posaljem

08-11-2008, 20:32
Pronasao sam fajlove za gamepad i oni su iz cv_0 i oni su:unnamed_791,868,869,998,1009,1027,1029,1031 i 1037.bin i ako mozes misc_46.bin iz rv_e.Hvala za trofeje!
edit:Ako mozes i unnamed_727.bin iz cv_0,please!

08-11-2008, 20:38

08-12-2008, 17:23
Hvala za misc a froginho mi je dao gamepad pa dali bi mogao da mi ostavis unnamed_727.bin iz cv_0?

09-02-2008, 18:33
Ako neko ovo igra,evo option file do 1. septembra,sto znaci da fale samo transferi koji su realizovani danas i sa sređenim formacijama.

09-02-2008, 19:38
Ovo je isto sto je postavio i Darcoolio_No1 samo da se zna sta tacno sve ima

Hi all,

I have made an updated Option file for this great patch:

- Contain a lot of transfers done (until 01/09/2008)
- Quaresma to Inter
- Suazo to Benfica
- Voronin to Hertha
- Robinho to Man City
- Berbatov to Man United
- ...
- A lot of lineups corrected
- A lot of numbers corrected


Download it here: http://files.filefront.com/PES2008+OPTIONFILEzip/;11672352;/fileinfo.html
http://downloads.gamingaccess.com/layout0708/downloadgax3.png (http://downloads.gamingaccess.com/index.php?file_id=30699)


A evo jos nesto:

Llegó el esperado bootserver:

¡NUEVO! Botas: (42 Mb) Sendspace (http://www.sendspace.com/file/sxhq51) Mediafire (http://www.mediafire.com/?lynm4fxnidb) Filefront (http://files.filefront.com/bootsrar/;11647673;/fileinfo.html)

1230 jugadores con sus botas correspondientes y actualizadas hasta el 23 Agosto.
262 botas de diferentes marcas (Adidas, Asic, Diadora, Kelme, Mizuno, Lotto, Nike, Puma, Umbro, Joma, Uhsport y Reebok) y sus actuales modelos.

LFP: 96%
Premier League: 94%
Serie A: 60%
Bundesliga: 85%
Others: 5%

Bootserver by Johnao & Miguelstyle

Saludos y disfruten!!!

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Kits 2.0: (55 Mb) Sendspace (http://www.sendspace.com/file/ndg6dh) Mediafire (http://www.mediafire.com/?g4kkphngnzm) Filefront (http://files.filefront.com/uni+v20rar/;11613464;/fileinfo.html)


PD: in some hours, stadiums fix

09-02-2008, 20:01
eto ti ga sad....nego jel si proverio da li su i ocene sređene ili samo formacije i transferi?

09-02-2008, 23:48
eto ti ga sad....nego jel si proverio da li su i ocene sređene ili samo formacije i transferi?

Ako ces iskreno nisam stigao da skinem i proverim...Taman kad sam editovao post i mislio da skinem i proverim dosli su mi drugari pa smo igrali PES 6 malo... Skinucu sad pa cu javiti... Mada su ocene bile sredjene jos u prvoj verziji koliko ja znam... Smanjene Ronaldinhu,Adrianu,Ronaldu itd. a povecane A. Patu, Krkicu,Dos Santosu,Dani Alvesu,Arshavin-u itd.
Pretpostavljam da su i ovde odradili sve ili bar 98-99% posto se uvek potkradu neke greskice koje se kasnije ispravljaju...


Auuuu...Nasao sam jednu malo vecu zamerku...Svi transferi,editovanje ocena itd. nisu radjeni preko OF editora vec u samoj igrici tako da ukoliko stisnes "set to default"...Napravis veliko *****e!! Drugo ocene nekih igraca mi se ne svidjaju...Npr. Robinho koji je presao u M. City ima s. pass oko 72-73 a mislim da ima mnogo bolji od toga i ima tu jos nekih sitnih detalja koje treba popraviti...
Sto se tice prve postave klubova ni to nije bas najsjajnije odradjeno...
Mada jeste jedan od OF-ova koji,bar po meni,nudi "najlepsi" izbor ekipa mislim da bi trebalo da se potrude i da sve to malo bolje srede...
Ovo je samo moje misljenje i koliko sam za 10-ak minuta moga da pregledam pa...


Sad sam gledao na evo-web-u je lik koji radi ovaj patch veceras/sinoc oko 20:30 naveo da ce biti update-ovan OF...Sta ce sve da uradi to ostaje da sacekamo i vidimo... Ja cu gledati cim izadje update da okacim ovde link. PozZ

09-03-2008, 01:42
Onda da cekamo update....neće im dugo trebati :)

09-06-2008, 11:53
jel moze neko da mi postavi map.txt za stadione posto ih nemam u igrici?

09-06-2008, 14:35
OF update for VirtuaRed (Not Official)


jel moze neko da mi postavi map.txt za stadione posto ih nemam u igrici?

A za map.txt cu da pogledam ako ima pa cu da postavim

09-07-2008, 21:24

Option File 1.8: (400 Kb) Sendspace (http://www.sendspace.com/file/3il562) Mediafire (http://www.mediafire.com/?zwwex7gc2dj) Filefront (http://files.filefront.com/Option+File+18rar/;11722900;/fileinfo.html)

- All teams update.
- Better stats.
- Eliminados los jugadores que habÃ*a repetidos.
- Unlocked National Classic Teams.
- Fixed errors.

Fix by:
- Txak
- Dark Albo (Copa Libertadores)