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Size: 509 MB
Duration: 11:29 min (44.3 MB/min)
Resolution: 1280×720 Pixel
Description: 500 replays, hundreds of gigabytes raw clips and nearly punctual release ;)

This movie contains the most beautiful scenes by me and my friends and everyone who wanted to participate. You can expect hard hits, lovely driblings, wonderful artistic shots and everything that makes this lovely game so exciting.

I focused on discreet effects, straight style, synchronal cutting and great atmosphere with (legendary) original commentaries.

Have fun and **** you FIFA ;)

http://img2.imagetitan.com/img2/small/0/0_2_downloadgs6.gif (http://planet-movies.com/pv:download-movie-PES2008-Dynamite-HD?nav=files&action=detail&id=9479)

06-27-2008, 10:59
Najbolja kompilacija do sad za PES2008 po meni, samo nemojte skidati ovu verziju od 500 i kusur MB vec ovu manju jer je fajl sje*an, ja sam ga skinuo 2x sa razlicitih servera...

06-30-2008, 16:01
Probaj sa filefronta . . . meni radi.

07-06-2008, 19:57
intervju sa fusijem:

creative-movies.com / ripieces:

Most international followers of the game movie scene might know you as the guy behind ""Crixon Gaming Trailer" which was a widely noticed movie based on footage from the Counter-Strike 1.6 engine, but of course your activity especially in the game movie scene has much more background than just that, which our visitors can get a glimpse of by visiting your website, not to mention the many hours you and other guys put into Planet-Videos.com, which is a pretty popular site in the German scene.

Today you released a new production called "Dynamite HD" which in short is a movie featuring footage from the game Pro Evolution Soccer 2008.

The first impressions, votes and written feedback from users on various game movie community sites were overall overwhelmingly positive so far, and this is probably not only due to the current football fever in Europe caused by the European Football Championship, since you already got much postivie feedback when posting screenshots on various forums now and then during production.

Please give us a bit more detailed insight in what "Dynamite HD" is about and your motivation behind it.

fusimedia.de / Fusi:

The whole project startetd while me and some friends of mine were sitting around my TV with a couple of beers. We played PES .... as usual ... and I decided to put some of our best scenes into a small clip, nothing special.

During the following days more and more people heard about the project and wanted some of their scenes to be included. That made me promoting the whole project to the PES community and after 2 weeks I had about 500 replays in my inbox.

Maybe some of you watch German television station DSF: there is a small ad which promotes the weekly "Premier League" show and it contains this legendary "DYNAMITE! ABSOLUTE DYNAMITE!" commentary. Yeah that's how "DYNAMITE HD" was born! But it's still a collection of the best shots, goals and scenes.

creative-movies.com / ripieces:

Would you call yourself a football fan and if yes which influence did that have on your production?

fusimedia.de / Fusi:

Oh my god, I'm addicted! I'm playing football (Hamburg's nearly lowest league, YEAH!) and I'm watching as many Bundesliga, Premier League, Champions League and intenational matches as I can, I would be lost without pay tv! And of course, I wanted to transfer some of these great football moments by using the original commentary .

creative-movies.com / ripieces:

As far as I know you didn't release any PES 2008 movie before, how did it feel to do and learn s.th. new, leaving the old paths of movies featuring CS 1.6?

fusimedia.de / Fusi:

PES has a built in camera and replay tool which is very easy to handle but doesn't have any output module so I had to use FRAPS, but if you take a look at the quality you will see that there was no problem.

It feels great to create movies besides CS because there aren't as many movies around and that makes it easier Wink On the other hand I know that the best PES movie will never ever reach the popularity of a average CS movie.

creative-movies.com / ripieces:
What were the biggest difficulties you had to face?

fusimedia.de / Fusi:

The compression! PES is so bright and colorful with so much detail and sooooo much fine green gras - pure horror for even the best codecs around there. I tried many many settings and bitrates with enormous compression times, but it didn't work. There was no chance but pushing the bitrate and I'm very very disappointed that so many people will think that I have no compression skills and just use high bitrates. Sad

creative-movies.com / ripieces:

Why did you choose PES and not an other game like FIFA - according to your movie comments you don't seem to like FIFA that much?

fusimedia.de / Fusi:

PES players hate FIFA and the FIFA players hate PES, that's just the way it is. You have seen that on Quake vs. Unreal Torunament, it's always the same.
And I play PES...so FIFA sucks Wink

creative-movies.com / ripieces:

How are you yourself satisified with the result, which things went well?

fusimedia.de / Fusi:

I love the intro, maybe the best thing I have ever made.
But I'm unable to judge the main part, I've seen it too often.
But I'm very satisfied with myself. In the past I was very self centered and just did what I wanted to do. This was the first time I really included beta testes from all over the world and sent them very much betas after every progress and I'm very thankful for their great feedback! The movie would not have been how it is now without them ... but apart from that there are still parts that I did MY WAY Wink

creative-movies.com / ripieces:

You already mentioned some tools like the PES Camera tool or Fraps, were those the most important ones during production?

On which tasks did you spend most of the production time?

fusimedia.de / Fusi:

The most important for the whole capturing process of course,
the editing was endless switching between Sony Vegas and Adobe After Effects.

It took quite a while to watch EACH of the 500+ replays and of course the HD recording took a while too.
But I put the most effort into the intro and the whole synchronisation [of the footage with the music], I love the scene when the ball bounces of the ground with the beats.

creative-movies.com / ripieces:

You had a long path to go and many of our visitors that already made a movie theirself probably know it is hard to go it till the end and to get it to a stage where you can say "Yes, that is s.th. I can release.".

Was it hard to stay motivated till the end and how did you do manage that?

fusimedia.de / Fusi:

Not as hard as I expected and I gained much motivation while I was creating the intro just because I love it, even when After Effects crashed nearly 50 times overall because of this quite heavy composition. Of course there was a period of 2 weeks where I didn't even change a single keyframe but I didn't want to get into the same desaster again ...CRIXON GAMING...* you know!
* comment by interviewer: The game movie scene has not seen a release of the actual Crixon Gaming movie following the released trailer till today.

creative-movies.com / ripieces:

I guess you probably feel lightened now since you have released
your movie and probalby won't mind some relaxing and refreshment.

Or do you already have new ideas that popped up in your head or other things you plan in the near future?

fusimedia.de / Fusi:

I ALWAYS have ideas but too little time. I think the next movie will be Unreal Tournament 3 or Race Driver GRID ... and I know that it will be shorter than 4 minutes. And I will create DYNAMITE 2 if the people want me to.

creative-movies.com / ripieces:

Thank you very much for your time Fusi!

Please take the chance for some final thoughts, greetz and comments.

fusimedia.de / Fusi:

There is one person: I LOVE YOU!

Apart from that I wanna shout out a "Loooooarrrsi" to mordy and a huge thank you to everyone who ever downloaded one of my movies!

The interview has been hold on approixmately 2008-06-16 23:00Z