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03-11-2008, 20:36
Vjerovatno ste culi za njih, po meni su veoma interesantni... (O_O)

- Main difference is in reading it, Western emoticons are read horizontal from left to right (example: :-) ), and Japanese emoticons are read vertical, from up to down (example: (^_^) ).
- Also Japanese emoticons have more variations and they are larger in number than Western ones (reason of that can be in size; Japanese letters size are 2 bytes and Western letters size is 1 byte).
- Reason of large number of variations in Japanese emoticons can be also large number of expressing on funny way that is also used in their comics.
- This Japanese emoticons are very often used in emails on Japanese language.

Emoticon Meaning
(n_n) Smile
(._.) Little sad face
(-__-) Sleepy
(;_;) Crying in tears
(^_^) Happy
(¬_¬) Angry
(^o^) Satisfied
*(^O^)* Lot of happiness
(>_<) Wrong
(*^*) Surprised
(O_O) Amazed
(@_@) Headache
(X_X) Dead
(¬_¬") Furious
(=_=) Bored
(*-*) In love eyes
(!__!) Sad
(=_=) Bored
(o_O) Crazy eyes
(*O*) Incredible
(p_q) Confused
(o_o) Astonished
(;O;). Big cry
(_O_) Too bad
(.O.') Perplexed
(-_-;) To be sorry...
('_') Big surprise
(?_?) Unpleasant surprise
('O') Singing
m(_ _)m Give up
(/_) Piteous
(=^_^=) Little kittie
(u_u) Sad eyes
(ú_ú) Not in a mood
(>x Cursing
(ñ_ñ) Evil smile
(Y_Y) Big sadness
($_$) See only money
(ò_ó) Mad
(♥_♥) In love
(>O<) Ouch
(-_o) Winking
8(>_<)8 Jealous
(ô_ô) Stunning look
(z_z) Sleepy
(9_9) Insomnia
(6.6) Feint
(~o~) Mad and crazy
(^_^)/~~ Bye
(ToT)/~~~ Say goodbye
(;_;)/~~~ Goodbye in tears
(^-^)V Happy cause of victory
p(^^)q Wish you good luck
(#_#) Beaten up
(^o) (/o^)/ Dancing on the floor
(n///n) Shy person
(o|o) Little surprise
(U_U) Sorry
(.-.) In shock
^(*-*)^ Hands up
(^-^)b Congratulations
(*O*)/ Great
(^^)// Cheering
((((((^_^;) Running
(^o^)y Peace for all
(>.<) Angry mood
($v$) Greedy
(-.-)zzzzz Asleep
(~_^) Weird wink
( L_____L ) ~zzz Sleeping
(ò_ô) Cannot believe
(¬_¬) You wish...

03-11-2008, 22:36
kako ide za emo.. //-_-)

(^_^) :)