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11-06-2007, 10:06
Sa evo-web-a

Nike Mercurial Veer UEFA official 2007 preview (will be included in new version with Adidas Champions League 7 and EPL yellow/purple).


Adidas Finale 7 Champions League preview

EPL T90 Aerow II yellow/purple preview

Next version will be with all 11 enable balls and with aditional ones.

Most Popular Balls v 0.7 (the best possible quality and compability; 1ST in the world I post work with new PES 2008 textures, not PES 6 import) with ball images in menu support.
And forget about black balls on HIGH on some nVidia cards!


-Nike Mercurial Veer (Veloci) using in some european leagues and UEFA cup
-Nike Total 90 Aerow II EPL 07-08 (England Premier League 2007-2008) blue/white
-Nike Total 90 Aerow II EPL red/white
-Puma V3.06 FIFA
-Nike Total 90 Aerow II LFP 07-08 (Liga Espanola) red/white (optional)


Versions history:

I proudly present you Nike Mercurial Veer (Veloci). First ball created from null. It was really hard.

Official Barclay's EPL blue/white Nike T90 Aerow II ball added. Also added Puma v3.06 FIFA licensed ball support.
Ball images in menu support added!

First version. Supporting EPL and LFP red/white Nike T90 Aerow Balls.


Warning: for replacing some files you'll need reserve some additional space in cv_0.img and cv_1.img. You can do it using GGS or AFS Explorer. In "reserving.txt" you can see how many space to reserve for each file.

1.Open cv_1.img (use the newest Game Graphic Studio (you can use AFS Explorer also)).
2.Replace by the balls in archive files, balls_3,4,5,6.bin, selecting "Import" in the each file menu.
3.Open cv_0.img and replace balls_852.bin with the same way.
4.Run game, select the ball.