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Omina Tricko
05-19-2018, 17:38
Smoke patch X20 for pes 2018, please read the release notes before you install this software

Install this software following install instructions, this is a full (all in one release), no need for previous versions, small software updates will be made after the world cup begins.

Main Changes (from previous version):

- added new national teams
- includes latest konami DP
- updated a lot of kits
- updated ball models
- updated gloves models
- updated boots models
- updated face models and tattoos
- full compatibility
- updated squads (prevision)
- added a lot of youth players
- added smoke scoreboard (change with scoreboard switcher add-on)
- a lot of fixes and enhancements

Smoke patch X20 Features:

Includes latest konami DP:
Konami previously released data packs are all included in X20, latest one is DP4.01, all new features are integrated. some features are not added because the patch already have them,

Added More teams:
Smoke patch constantly add teams to the game, this version added more national teams to choose from, all the national teams can be used in be a legend or master league modes, all the clubs can be used in all modes as well,

Teams added this version are:
(Moldova, Cape Verde, San Marino, Faroe Islands, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Kenya, Haiti, Congo, Libya, Sudan, Kosovo, Andorra, Myanmar, Gibraltar, Afghanistan, El Salvador, Tajikistan)

Team squads and transfers:
All teams get reviewed at some point, leagues transfer windows are different depending on the continent, so a constant review is required.
world cup national teams are set provisionally, after the official call ups for all the teams is announced we will make a small update to finish up.

Teams correct attributes:
All the teams in the game have their real flag, stadium name, team colors, manager and other team attributes, we change and correct any missing details as we go.

Most teams are licensed, but we kept two teams for user edit, (we united and pes united) are fully editable and can be exported and imported when a new version is released

We removed almost all the fake players (except in the two unlicensed teams), replaced them with real players from different teams,

Players stats are from latest konami live update, players added from the patch have correct stats as well.

We added a lot of real faces to the game, not as much as in previous game due to the lack of real faces (we do not create the real faces)

A lot of players added to the patch, specially youth teams, the players database is getting bigger everyday and we include more players in each version.

Real teams kits:
We made real kits for all the teams, updated as much as possible, the world cup teams kits are up to date for the world cup, if we missed any then we will include in updates.
some kits are not precise due to lack of information.

Stadium effects:
A lot of stadium effects are added to the game, specially fans chants, all sound effects files are located in the container (smkdb_sfx.cpk), if for any reason you want to remove the sound effects then just copy one of the extra cpk files to the same name mentioned and replace.

Real Leagues:
Smoke patch replaces the three fake leagues with real leagues, currently added (bundesliga, liga aguila and CSL), new leagues have correct attribution and works just like the leagues already in the game.

we are still planning to add league switcher to add more optional leagues, but this is delayed to ensure the game stability,

Balls, boots and gloves:
a lot of real balls, boots and gloves are added to the game, we do not update them all the time because that would be a waste of time, however this version have update ball models for the new season, boots and gloves also got updated to include the latest models.

this version have new graphics, a special scoreboard is added along with the new backgrounds, you can remove to change the scoreboard by using the smoke scoreboard switcher from smoke patch add-on menu.

- Extract patch files
download all parts and be sure all are completed, extract only part one the rest will be extracted automatically, don't move any of the installation files or folders.

- Run SetupsmokeX20.exe
run the installer and choose PES 2018 installation folder, the patch must be installed in the same game folder, be sure you don't get errors and that the installer finished successfully.

video installation tutorial HERE (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iufKWxawfsE&feature=youtu.be)

Links: (patch and fix)
* patch compressed size: 5 GB

OFFICIAL LINKS (http://smokelinks.blogspot.ba/p/pes-2018-smoke-patch-x20.html)


- updating the game EXE is not the patch responsibility.
- no previous versions required, only the game and this version.
- do not use old edit00000 files (using older or other edit files will cause bugs)
- this patch is made to focus on offline modes, online feature will not find opponents due the difference between the patch system files and the original game.

thanks to all patch fans and anyone who contributed to the patch.

05-19-2018, 21:56
Ovde nema najnovijeg dresa za reprezentaciju Srbije

05-22-2018, 19:57
Zašto mi ovo zabaguje....sve radi ok...krene uvodna animacija utakmice, predstavljanje timova, i zaledi se sa slikom lopte na centru?

05-22-2018, 20:02
Zašto mi ovo zabaguje....sve radi ok...krene uvodna animacija utakmice, predstavljanje timova, i zaledi se sa slikom lopte na centru?

Ako koristiš NoSteam verziju, onda skini fix za NoSteam

05-25-2018, 21:55
Ako koristiš NoSteam verziju, onda skini fix za NoSteam

¸Pozdrav, u koji folder treba ubacit fix?

Također, psotoji li mogućnost da se oni intro scene maknu?


05-25-2018, 22:24
¸Pozdrav, u koji folder treba ubacit fix?

Također, psotoji li mogućnost da se oni intro scene maknu?


Treba ubaciti u folder gde se nalazi PES

05-29-2018, 20:21
Pa ****mu lebac zasto niko ne okaci linkove...

https://mega.nz/#!fiBzHbaK!CB2gAqz4V4S9xlerZoWIFJeUUgOmptpeSN98jxy 4BOQ
https://mega.nz/#!mnAAVQgR!CZCTeZxRoGGhn6oWPzVSMicfsd2110SDRoAo2a0 6keI