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Financial Rules of SPML

Rookies in the first season do not have to pay the salaries to the players and cannot make transfers.
They will get money after they play their first season.

Money is without the TV rights (because they dont pay salaries) which they get after the end of the first season in SPML.
The salaries are being payed from the club budget after the end of season 2.

Clubs with less value than the mentioned below get financial aid after their first played season in SPML, according to
following ranges.

Clubs over 100.000 value = 0e financial bonus
90.000-100.000 = 3.000e financial bonus
80.000-90.000 = 5.000e financial bonus
70.000-80.000 = 7.000e financial bonus
60.000-70.000 = 9.000e financial bonus
50.000-60.000 = 11.000e financial bonus
Value of clubs below 50.000e = 13.000 financial bonus


- The player must be on the transfer list at least 2 days before he can be sold/traded/loaned.
- While transfering your player on the transfer list, you must specify what kind of transfer is
he avaliable (sold/traded/loaned)
- Watch out for the contract duration (see below). Players who have more than 2 years of their contract duration
cannot be sold / putted on the transfer list.
- Offers must be sent by public, in the club topic on the forum.
- If you are sending a offer for a player who is not on the transfer list and the manager decides to sell him, he first
has to put the player on the transfer list where every manager can bid for 2 days. Manager that bids the highest offer,
he gets the player(or can stay in the club if the manager of the club decides like that)
- It is forbidden(you can get a penalty as well) if you bid for a player which are marked that they are not transferrable.
(in excell they are marked with yellow colour)

- Transfers are being made during the transfer period when a new topic is opened where you write the transfer.
- Teams can have maximum of 26 players and a minimum od 20 players in their roster. While bringing new players, you cant go
above 26 or below 20 players.
- Value of the players are formed on their skills and ratings. The prices are made in thousands so it is easy to count and
calculate. Values of the prices is being uptaded.
- The club cant go into minus(negative balance). If on the club budget you do not have money to finish your transfer,
then the transfer is cancelled until the club gets money and writes it again into the transfer topic.
- Tax is being payed for every transfer and it is 10% of the players value.
- Trade(player for player) can be done with the players who are not in the 1. or 2. category, and only player for player.
It is now allowed to trade 2 players for 1 player. Tax is payed as well.
- Player that is brought in one transfer period cannot be sold or loaned in the same transfer period, only in the next one.
- Players can be loaned to other clubs, but only players who are not in the 1. or 2. category.
- Between 2 clubs it is allowed to have one transfer/loan/trade per season.
CSKA is ready to sell Tosic to Zenit, that means that Zenit cant buy/loan in that transfer period from CSKA.

-You can do 3 trades maximum per season.
- Players from 1. or 2. category cant be traded.
- Only trade allowed is player for player, without money to be added.
- You can trade players which value difference is not more than 500 EUR.
- Tax is payed 10% on the total value of both players between the 2 clubs.
If player A is valued 3500 EUR, player B 3300 EUR - together they are worth 6800 EUR, so that means that they pay 680 EUR
of tax because that is 10% of 6800.
-Salaries are being formed on the based of the price while changing the clubs.
If player signs a 5 year contract while he was worth 2000 so his pay is 200.
In the 3. year he is transferred to Club B, and in the meantime his skills and rating have been upgraded so his value
is estimated on 2400 EUR, so the salary in club B will be 240 where he will sign his contract.

Players on Loan
- You can loan in maximum 2 players and loan our maximum 2 players per season.(see excell)
- Player can be loaned to any SPML club.
- Players from 1. and 2. category can be loaned.
- Players which value is more than 7500 EUR cant be loaned.
- For loans it doesnt matter the contract duration of the player. You can loan players who have more than 2 years of
their contract.
- While loaning a player, the player stays in the excell of the club who owns him, so the loans do not affect the rule
with the maximum/minimum of roster.(You can loan players if you have more than 26 players andyyou can loan out players if
you have less than 20 players in your excel)
- The owner pays the salary to the player.
- Clubs that are doing the loan between cant have any other transfer or trades in the season.
- Buyer(player that loan the player in the club) pays at least double of the players salary and that price cant
be less than 500.
- The price you are paying for the loan cant be 5x more than the players salary.
Example - Player A salary is 130 EUR, the highest price you can pay for his loan is 130x5=650 EUR.
- Biggest price you can pay for a loan is 1500 EUR.

Example 1.
Duff has a salary of 300 EUR, the minimum sum he can be loaned is 600 EUR, but can be more if the manager that owns him
Example 2.
Gueye has a salary of 110 EUR, the minimum sum for the loan is not 220 EUR, it is 500 EUR.
-The player stays in the excell of his team(that owns him, not where he is loaned) and the team that owns him pays for his
- Tax is not payed for loans.

Players contract.

-Players when coming to a club are signing contract for duration of 2 to 5 years. The manager decides for how long.
Playsrs from draft or auction are having a 3 year contract per default
- Players are divided into categories (1.category - best players, 2. category - good players, others do not have category)
- Some good players have a status of key players and cannot be sold at all. In excel these players are marked in yellow
-Player when arrives in the new club gets a contract on some determnied duration where his price and pay is the same.
Players value is higher in next 2 situations:
1) When he signs a new contract(value will be determnied on the skills and ratings in that moment, and a new value and
salary according to that)
2) When a club sells a player(if the ratings are higher then before), it will be determnied on the selling price
- Selling price is the minimum price of a player can be sold, you cant sell the player less than his value, but can be
sold for higher price(only not if after uptade there are significaly drops of skills, than on the request of the manager
the player can be sold for a lower price of the valued one before of the uptades, or if no one wants to buy the player
because of his value, please read more in the topic "temi za trazenje snizenja cena za igrace")
- The salaries are determnied by the contracts. It is always 10 % of the value of the player. The salary changes when the
value changes.

- In the first season you brought Nastasic for 10.000 EUR(value), and his pay is 1.000 EUR. You gave him a 3 year contract.
After the second season his ratings have been upgraded and if you decide to give a new contract.
If his ratings are now valued at 14.000 EUR, his pay 1.400 and it is shown in the clubs excel.

- If the player goes from one club to the another one, the salary can be the same(if it is sold by the minimum price) or
can be higher(if it is sold higher than the minimum price).

Berbatov has a value of 12.000 Eur with a salary of 1.200 EUR in Fulham
a) if he is sold for a price of 12.000 EUR, the salary in the club is the same - 1.200 EUR
b) If he is sold for a price of 15.000 EUR, the salary in the club is 10 % of the transfer - 1.500 EUR.

- In case that a player isnt sold after he was on the transfer list(if his ratings didnt decrease rapidly on the PSD uptade)
and no one offers the ammount of the value. In that case you can put the player on the transfer list for a lower price
in the next one.
No one buys Berbatov for 12.000 in the first transfer period. The seller can put a lower price for Berbatov(example 8.000)
on the begining of the next transfer period. If someone buys him for 8.000 , than the new salary is 800.

- The player cant be sold until he has 2 years of his contract duration. You can only sell players who have 1 or 2 years
ot their contract. You cant sell players with contracts with 3 or more years under no circumstances.
- Example At the end of season 14, you can sell players who have contract expire with season 15 and 16.

Rules for extenstion of contracts.
-Rookies in the first season are playing with players without contracts, they are not paying salaries and after the
first played season they get the excel of the players value and salaries with the contract duration
- Player which contract is expiring at the end of the season, the manager can offer a new contract until the
deadline in the transfer period 2 of the season. If the season finishes and his contract is not renewed, the player
leaves the club as a free player.
Players contract exppires at the end of season 14, if he doesnt get the contract until the deadline of transfer period 2,
the player leaved the club after the deadline.
- The contract can be expired for 2 years at least.
- The player can be sold until he has a contract(can be sold in the same transfer period if he is getting a new contract)

Firing players
- When you are firing players who has a active contract on more seasons, you are obligated to pay all salaries so be
careful when you are offering new contracts. Dont offer longterms contracts so you do not have to pay the penalties
for players that you dont need.
Player Gago has a contract until season 14. His salary is 500 and you are firing him at the end of season 12. You must pay
1.000 EUR (500 for season 13 + 500 for season 14).
- Rookies after the first player season can fire players without paying the salaries, but only after the first season.

Retired player
- Only reliable source will be online webpage transfermarkt. When the player will have on his page a sign that he is
retired, on the end of season that player will be retired from your team. No other site will be taken. If the player
activates again(like Adriano), he ca return to the SPML club where he was before he went to pension.(if he has a PSD link)

- Currently os PSd site there is a big cleanup. Players with old rating who are not uptaded for couple of seasons are being
erased as also where PSD mods are not wathcing leagues. Their plan is that PSD keeps the big leagues and famous players
from smaller leagues so that they can uptade players regularly. As a consiquence, there is a rule if a player loses his
topic PSD site and forum can stay in the SPML club for 3 seasons. After that he is retired.
From season 13, players without PSD links cant be sold and when the 3 year is passed, they will be retired.

Draft and Auction
Players will enter SPML in 2 ways, draft and auction:

- Before the seasons, there will be created a couple of groups for players who will be on the draft. The groups are on
the option file so that you could try the players, and buy draw it is decided which group of players will be shown on the
draft/auction, so it cant be sure who is coming for a draft or auction.
- Draft is like on the system of the NBA league where first the weakest teams **** first how the competition between teams
could be even, because the better players will earn more from bonuses in leagues and cups.

- The players are payed how it is defined in the draft topic
- Players who are choosen withoud PSD and when they get one, the manager can decide to offer them a contract and they
become the part of the team. They get a 3 year contract with a salary of 1000 and a value of 1000. After the 3 seasons they
will get the value and salary according the ratings and skills.
This should motivate that you choose young players without PSD and to lower your costs.

- Group of player that come in SPML through the auction with a minimum salary, also with a minimum price you can buy him.
There are 2 types of auction:
1) secret auction:
- sending the offer to the profil of the SPML league(private message). It lasts for one day and no one in logging to the
SPML profil. When the deadline is passed, the offers are being checked and the player goes to the team that bids the
highest value.

b) Public auction:
- public competition - with famous superstar players - Gerrad, Cassilas, Kaka, Villa..
- Public auction has a defined time duration - When expires, the highest bid wins.


- Tax for team value. (expensive teams pay more tax)
tablica poreza:
team value from 0 till 100 000 = tax is not payed.
team value from 100 001 till 110 000 = tax 1 000
team value from 110 001 till 120 000 = tax 2 000
team value from 120 001 till 130 000 = tax 3 000
team value from 130 001 till 140 000 = tax 4 000
team value from 140 001 till 150 000 = tax 5 000
team value from 150 001 till 160 000 = tax 6 000
team value from 160 001 till 170 000 = tax 7 000
team value from 170 001 till 180 000 = tax 8 000
team value from 180 001 till 190 000 = tax 9 000
team value from 190 001 till 200 000 = tax 10 000

- Financial fair play - rule where team value should not exceed 200.000
- It is allowed to have maximum 10 players from 1. category in the team.


Position in the league is being payed with a bonus, according to the team position

I league
1. place= 10 000
2-4 place= = 9 500
5-8 place= = 9 000
9-12 place= = 8 500
13-last place= a = 8 000

II league
1-4 place= = 7 000
5-8 place= = 6 500
9-12 place= = 6 000
13-last plac = 5 000

III league
4 000 everyone

Champions league - bonus:
1. place= = 5 000
2. place= = 4.500
1/2 = 4 000
1/4 = 3 000
Group phase = 2 000

Europe league - bonus
1. place= = 2 800
2. place= = 2 500
1/2 finala = 2 000
Group phase = 1 000

Cup - bonus:
1. place= = 3 500
2. place= = 3 000
1/2 = 2 500
1/4 = 2 000
1/8 = 1 000

Davis Cup (Played with national teams) :
1. place= = 2 000
2. place= = 1 600
1/2 = 1 200
1/4 = 800
Group phase = 500

Goal of the season(You need 3 votes at least to get the reward)

1. place 20 points + 3 000 e
2. place 18 points + 2 700 e
3. place 16 points + 2 500 e
4. place 14 points + 2 300 e
5. place 12 points + 2 000 e
6. place 10 points + 1800 e
7. place 8 points + 1500 e
8. place 6 points + 1300 e
9. place 4 points + 1000 e
10. place 2 points + 500 e
- In case of same points, both players share the prize money

Fair play award
From season 14, there is a fair - play reward of 500 eur for every team who finishes a season without a card in the season.

TV rights:
Every team gets 10.000 EUR from TV rights. You can get less if you do not play the matches from some competition, or if
you miss and you do not have a excuss. Then you do not get the TV rights money.
For the league you can be detuct for a ammount of 5.000 EUR, Champions and European league 3.000 EUR and Cup 2.00 EUR.

- Prize for bringing the player in the league(it must be stated in the application of the applicant ofn the forum)
- Price for bringing 1 players - 1.000 EUR after finishoing the first season of SPML.

Reward for team who finishes a season without a card - 500 EUR.

- Money fines(minor cases) or throwing out of the league
- any kind of finacial malversations or attempts will be a harsh penalty
- Insulting other players(through forum, garena, while playing)
- Fixing the match or selling the match will throw you out of the league. As a checkup, some teams will be asked to
fix a match and if the accept,, they will be expelled from the league.
- Playing matches and fixing match 3 for 3(Player A wins at home, while Player B wins at home) will kick you as also playin
g matches couple of times.
- Since PSD is the source of players ratings, if a player will be cought with a fake name and writing about their players
on PSD, they will be kicked out of the league.
- If you pull out your offer for a player, the penalty is 10 % of the value you bid.
- If you cancel the transfer, the penalty is 20 % of the transfer price.
- Penalty for not giving the SS of the history of chat for a non played game - penalty 300 EUR
If the match is a decider for a better place on the end of season, or a cup match - penalty 1.000 EUR

- administrator of the league has the right to punish someone if needed

Players skills

The players skills is being uptaded every season, in the pause between seasons and begining of transfer period.
- Some PSD ratings are extreamly high or low, so some values are defined

Next PSD rating are defined:

Minimum 75 rating ratings(except GK)

minimum 74 for :
acceleration (not for GK)

min 78 for:
shot power

maximum 90 for following rating:
body balance
top speed
shot power

defence min 82
balance min 87
response min 84
GK skills min 82

Biggest rating for speed is 90 and lowest is 75.
If you see on PSD that a players has a speed of 93 in our league he will have 90.)
If a player has a top speed of 72 on PSD, he will have 75 in our league.

Biggest rating for body balance is 90 and lowest is 78.
If a player has a body balance of 72 on PSD, he will have 78 in our league.