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Rulebook contents:

1. Basic rules and terms for receiving new members in SPML league
2. Match rule
3. Tutorials


Shollym Patch Master League is an online league that is played for 15 seasons now, we have a community of around 50 players from ex-Yugoslavia republics and 1 member from Slovakia :) , but Shollym patch is global and we would like to have more international players, that is one of the reasons why this forum was opened.

OFFICIAL LANGUAGE of the league is Serbian, but if you are not from ex-Yugoslavia then English is accepted of course, you must know English language if you want to apply, most things about the league are in Serbian but it will be translated to English in time, and if you get admitted to the league you will also get an assistant who will translate or explain to you anything you need to know.

There are few important benefits for becoming a SPML League member:
First - we play on our own online servers, created by league members (we have 5 servers and at any time one of them is online). We don't have to mention that connection on a server that has no more than 10 players at one time is much better than on public servers that sometimes have more than 100 players online..
Second - there is always someone online and available for a friendly match.
Third - You can become a real player-manager at a club, take care of team finances, buy and sell players, scout young players and draft them for your team..

But, we have our rules that need to be respected. To become a member of our league is not very easy, but not very hard either. You just need to be a normal person and play nice game (not to be a hot head that only cares for winning at al costs, with that attitude you will not even pass the test matches). If you are interested in joining the SPML league, read the whole rulebook, you will see that we have rules that might be different to what you are used to play PES6, but these rules help us play nice footbal and to have a healthy competition that lasts for more than 5 years. Here you can see league tables from current season: http://www.pes-serbia.com/online-liga.php?pes=pes6

Basic rules and terms for receiving new members in SPML league

To become a member of the "Shollym Patch Online League"
you need to fulfill the following requirements:

1. You must have installed the Shollym patch 2015/2016, and know how to setup online as it is explained inside the main patch files.

2. You must create a Garena messenger account, because it is the main and the only means of communication and through garena we find other members for playing games. See the thread with a list of Garena accounts of league members and add them all, also you can find in this thread a link to Garena messenger download link:


3. you must be polite, it is strictly prohibited attacking or humiliating opponents during or after the match, the priority is respect for opponents and respect the rules of leagues that you will read below

4. Regularly visiting forum and more importantly regularly play league matches

5. matches in this league are not to be taken too seriously, but as entertainment, because that is why we are gathered here. Those who play to win at all costs using the bits of everything, very quickly get negative points from the other participants and their expelling is closer than staying in the league.

6. Interested players who wish to become participants of the league need to play as many friendly matches with members of the league so the league members would be able to comment on the quality of your internet connection and if you are fair play player

7. Finally and most importantly: you need to have a quality internet connection!
The minimum is:
ADSL or cable internet, with at least 128kbps upload, low ping, stable connection
- Wireless is prohibited, do not apply if you have a wireless connection
So you need a stable internet that will not lag.

Here you will check the speed of your internet, and when signing up to play league you are OBLIGED to post results from both tests:

Competition format:

First division has 18 teams.
The second and third divisions are organized depending on the number of competitors, you will be notified a few weeks before the season start.
During the season will be organized a Cup which will be attended by all competitors from all leagues and Champions league with 16 teams in that will directly qualify for the winner of the previous CL + 3 first teams from first league (or first four teams from the first division, if one of the them is the conquero of last seasons Champions league). Others will play qualifiers for CL.
We also organize Europa League with 12 clubs, for those who fail to qualify for the CL.

Placement in the league if two competitors have the same number of points are always determined by mutual score (does not apply to score at home) then the total goal difference.

* falling into a lower rank:
- From the first and second league always relegated last four on the table.

You must play matches on time!
Do not register if you think that you can not meet the deadlines, think carefully can you take the time to play this league. If you do not play a minimum of 70% match of the season you will be kicked out of the league.

Leaving the league / Pause season
It is forbidden to abandonment league until the season is over. If you will not to be regular, then do not apply for the league. To leave the league during the season, the penalty is a ban from the forum + ban on participation in all the following seasons.
At the break between the two seasons it is allowed to cancel or freeze status (pause) if for some serious reasons you wants to pause one season.

To begin, instal Garena messenger and add all league memberd. so as soon as the schedule for the league or the cups is announced, you see who you need to play and send that person a message via garena (if he is not online send him offline message and he will see when he logs in, that is rhe purpose of the messenger)
So. you send a message to every opponent like this:
"Hi, tell me when you can play the game, I'm free tonight / tomorrow afternoon, Sunday I'm not home", etc. to be organized as soon as possible to play.

All league matches are played with the following settings:

Time : 15 min
Long / 9 Pause
Condition : "Random"
Injuries : OFF
Substitutions: 3
Penalties: NO
Weather : FINE (no rain/snow because it can lag!!)

making 3 screenshota at the end of the game (both players take screenshots, after that you agree who will post match report. do not exit the match until you ask your opponent ih made screenshots and recorded goals - highlights)

when playing online match you must turn off windows firewall and all other programs that can obstruct online game and produce lag (torrrent, skype, garena, internet browser, antivirus, windows firewall) - ALL of them must be shut down!

*LAG - If you start a match against someone and see that the lag in the first 10-15 minutes is so strong that prevents you from normal playing, you have the right to exit the match and agree to play a match again. The problem may be the server, and if you constantly have lag on someone's host, then play a two halves on the host of the player whose host does not lag to either one, or try another server.
Check the section with tutorials to make sure you have set PES so you it does not lag.

** Rule in case of interrupted match
(lost connection, power failure, pes6 error or any other reason):
- Game continues from the minute in which the interruption occurred, and with the result
from that moment
- Enter into a new game and wait for the minutes when the interruption occurred and then play until the end of the game notmally.
- If there were scored goals then repeat it with own goals to have the result that was at the time of interruption (if it was 3: 2 it is enough to give one own goal for 1: 0)
- If there were any red cards you have to repeat that with a player who had a red card.

p.s. we usually dont believe in power failure when you are loosing 5-0, and we usually sanction that as a deliberate alt+F4 going out of the game, or when you get pes6.exe error to often in formation setup menu we treat that as cheating because of arrows that affect player stats.

** Rule of recording goals and screenshots (SS)
at the end of each match BOTH PLAYERS make every man for himself 3 obligatory screenshots:
1 - the result of the match, 2 - Match details (the one with shots, yellow cards, etc.) 3 - scorers
And record a video with all goals from the match.
Winner of the match posts SS to the forum thread, or the home player in case of draw,
but both players must make SS and record a video (bevause the opponent might not make SS due to pes6 error or fraps error).
When posting the match results on forum, you MUST write the round from which the match was played.

For taking screenshots and recording goals use the program called FRAPS. (link is in tutorials)
You MUST see below in the section with tutorials explanation how and where to upload your screenshots and goals!


- Change of formation during a match, the transition from defensive to offensive and vice versa
- Allowed, but not desirable to play in patterns, because it is not our intention to score a goal and win at any cost, but to play nice and have fun and hang out (those who play only to win and use unsporting means will fast collect negative voices of other league members and their future in the league is not very bright)

- Cutback goals after ground pass (see video below)
- That a player who has a result that fits him, for example one-goal lead, to stall game and keep ball in his posession on his own half and thereby prevents an opponent to get to the ball, if someone is doing this against you just record that on a video and he will be punished
- sliding tackle from behind when the opponent comes across one on one with the keeper, has a goal chance or a similar situations. it is considered unsportsmanlike play, the person who does such things will be fined (with accompanying clip or a picture as proof), and if this situation is repeated several times in a match then this is considered extremely unsportsmanlike play and match can be registered with the official result for the opponent.

- It is forbidden to play with 4 CB (central backs) or 3 CB and SW because it is antifudbal. you can play a formation with 5 defenders, but it must be 3 CB and SB 2.
- Deliberately shooting or crossing towards goal from a dead angle with aim to get reject from GK and score (see video below)
- placing too many attacks in 5m box in front of goal (see video below)
- Passing with L1 + triangle (lob pass) inside 5m box from a dead angle, but to make it clear it is not prohibited the use of L1+triangle within 16m, but is prohibited to do that inside the 5m box when a player who's doing the pass is inside the area inside 16m that is close to goal line, because this is the same like coming to that position and guving a ground pass to 5m box, and that is not allowed in this league (the easiest explanation for this would be = don’t play like Barcelona plays in real life! They score too many tap-in goals, but they play for money, we here play for fun!

Addition to this rule about passing inside 16m are:
Any pass (ground pass X, circle, triangle) from the zone between 16m line, goal line and 5m box is prohibited, if you already came into that area and didn’t shoot, then pull the ball outside of 16m area and continue the action. If you don’t understand which area we talk about here, it is the one from this video:

Here's a video in which is explained about what can and what can not be done
or what style of play is desirable / undesirable in this league:

STRICTLY FORBIDDEN is scoring cutback goals (that shot is incredibly accurate and unrealistic, whether it is good or bad player he would have kicked the ball very accurately and, in most cases it will be a goal), If you accidentally shoot a cutback and score, the opponent will pass you the ball after starting from center and you are obliged to score an own goal.
Here you can see what is a cutback goal and how to recognize it:
(if you have doubts about some goal don’t worry, league admins will decide)

The exception to cutback rule is in two situations:
- if the ball canons of the defender and the attacking player kicks the ball with cutback animation
- if you do it after low cross (3x circle)
So, it is forbidden only to score cutbacks that are result of action and ground pass using the X button.

"The first action" rule:

When starting from the center (at the beginning of the first and second half and after conceding a goal) you must pass back to your CB (center-back, not SB but has to be a CB), in order to slow down a bit when the action moves from the center and reduce the influence of the bug called "first action". This action when starting from the center of the field is a bug because defenders act very strange, like they are drunk they go sideways or rush forward without any logic so the attacking team goes to the goal very easily, you probably noticed this, whatever you are doing in defense somehow is not enough to stop that first action. It is very frustrating that someone builds action and score a goal, and then the opponent goes from the center and scores an easy goal because of this bug. That is why we pass the ball back to CB to start the action.

*** Negative reputation ***

From Season 5 was introduced voting system for negative reputation, the purpose of this is to see who are the main 'bad guys' in the league who does not respect fair play, negative votes can be a kind of warning fot rhem if you get a lot of negative votes that they need to change something in their game style, relation to the league and other league members.
Negative votes for someon should be reported immediately after the match, played, by sending a private message to the admin profile on forum.

PENALTIES for negative reputation:
Points will be deducted at the end of the season (not points in the league but the total points that are calculated for ranking list)
1 or 2 negative votes = no penalties but can accumulate next season
3 negative votes = minus 20 points and minus 5,000 euros from the team budget
4 negative votes = minus 30 points and minus 10 000 euros from the team budget
5 or more negative votes = minus 50 points and minus 20 000 euros from the budget of the team, depending on the number of votes can also be kicked out of the league

* Championship title can not won by someone who has two or more negative votes, if in the first place find someone who got two or more negative votes, his title will be awarded to the first next contestant who does not have a penalty for negative reputation.
* If someone has two or more votes and is placed among the top four, he will be cancelled from direct placement in the Champions League next season, and it will be counted as if he finished the league in fifth place
* If a player from 2nd or 3rd league has two or more negative votes during season he loses the right to promotion to higher rank, even if it's on the table spot that leads to a higher rank.

- Prohibition of negative comments on the forum

It is prohibited to publicly comment on someone's game in a negative way on the forum.
This would include any:
- Negatively comments about game style in the match reports
- A negative comment about opponent’s formation
- Provoking (and hidden provocation) in match reports
- Wailing about lag after the match (it written in the rule book that you can stop the game if there are lags, no one's forcing you to play with lag, but if you do not stop the play, don’t lament later)

If you have something to blame opponent regarding game style, there is a negative reputation system that is anonymous, send a message to league Admin and it will be accepted if moderators estimate so (it is desirable to record unsporting moves like tacklings from the back, etc.).

- Penalties for commenting other people's game style go up to 1.000 for the first time, and for subsequent offenses the penalty increases or doubles

Religious / ultras passion:
Since some have complained about these things:
- It is prohibited any form of promotion of diversity (ethnic, religious, political), the prohibition applies to the forum and Garen (writing, status, avatar)
- It is prohibited to publicly congratulate religious holidays in the forum and Garena, if you know that someone is a believer personally congratulate him.
- Do you believe in Jesus, Allah, Jehovah, Buddha or someone fifth WE DO NOT CARE! As we do not care if you can not play the game because of religious reasons, it is enough to say "I can not, I'm busy."
- Hold religious things for yourselves or go to religious forums, pilgrimages and the like, this is only about football, and only God is Maradona!

* Amendment to this rules relates to chanting for national team and clubs and screaming on Garena chat. This is an international league and not all memebers support one club or national team, if you go to the stadium you can cheer and shout to the full, a forum and chat garena are to be used for arranging matches.
If you notice a violation of these report with a private message to this admin profile.
Also punishable is writing vulgarity or curses on Garena chat

TV broadcasts::

Some matches are broadcasted using livestream, you will be informed furtherr about that if you are admitted to the league.

** What if the opponent does not appear within the specified time for playing the match?

See the thread with garena messenger addresses, and add all league participants to your
As soon as you see the name of the opponent is sending you need to send him a message via Garena and inform him when you are available to play the match. If your opponent does not respond until the end of the deadline for playing the game, you post a screenshot from your chat history that shows us that you tried to contact him and then register the result in your favour.
If the match is not played league moderators decide by who is "guilty" for not playing the game after we analise screenshots of your chat history,

** If your opponent does not appear (although you have been contacted by Garena, then you should write in" Tema za trazenje produzetka" that you can not find him, and there you show a screenshot of your chat history with him, as an
If none of the opponent does not submit screenshots with chat history, the match will be registered as 0-0 (no points) because we can not know who is 'guilty' if we do not get chat history.
Eventually one day extension for the match can receive regular players who do not usually late, but only if they ask for an extension before the deadline.
2 days extension can only be obtained if a few days earlier told that someone is ill or has problems with their computer / internet connection.

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A – HOW TO USE GARENA MESSENGER (and find opponents on time)

First make sure you have added all league members to your Garena account:

Your garena username should be the same as your "nickname" that you use in the league. When you find out fixtures in competiotions you need to to send offline messages to all opponents, where you'll write when you can play game in the coming days, when you can not play that game, so that when your opponent answers when he is available - it will make it easier for you two to arrange the match and play it as soon as possible.
You do not need to wait for opponents to be online, because the purpose of garena messenger is to contact someone who is not online, and when he comes online hew will get your message.


Use Fraps or bandicam to take in-game screenshots (SS)

Instructions for recording goals:
- Use Fraps or Bandicam
- Always turn on fraps or bandicam before starting PES6
- You must show all goals from the match in match report, you can record each goal separately and later put them all in one video, or record all goals at hallftime and in the end of the match (be aware that PES6 online only “remembers” the last 6 goals in the match, so if the score at half-time is 3-1 or something like that, you need to record goals at the half time, because if the match ends with 5-4 result (9 goals) you will not be able in the end of the match higlights to record the first three goals.

- Instructions for recording Goals:

Required software:
1.Fraps ~ / Bandicam:
2.Windows Movie Maker

1. Fraps
Turn on Fraps, place settings that suit you, I recommend that you tick "Do not sync audio and video."
Choose a destination "Folder to save movie in" where the video that you record will be saved and set the "Video Capture Hotkey" so that is the button that starts and stops recording during the game.

2. Windows Movie Maker
When you capture video via Fraps next thing is to set the video in Windows Movie Maker.
On the left side you have the option Import Video, the video then click the right mouse button and choose Add to Storyboard, the video will be inserted.
To the left you have the option Import Pictures and Audio or Music, over that inserting music and pictures the same principle as above.
If you have a wide-format video, go to Tools / Options / Advanced / Video Proportis so check that it is 16: 9.
When you are finished editing, go to File / Save Movie File, here you have the option (recommended) Best Fit To File, the greater the better the image quality.

In the end you need to upload the video on the internet at www.youtube.com and post in the forum so you copy the entire youtube link from the browser and insert it, no thumbnail preview, so like this:

1. Upload Site - www.postimage.org

- You can upload 5 images simultaneously
- When you get the links, you will see 3 rectangles, copy the entire link from the MIDDLE rectangle (Clickable Thumbnail for Messageboards / Forums) and insert it in forum thread
- When you put 3 Ssreenshots of the same game, hit a SPACE after each link (not ENTER) to give you 3 SS previews in the same row, it looks nicer
- The preview is clickable and opens full size images when someone cliks it

3 screenshots + match highlights (goals)

Makeda 0 – 1 Caniggia

http://img4.imagetitan.com/img4/small/8/8_pes62013-10-1323-33-23-331.jpg (http://img4.imagetitan.com/img.php?image=8_pes62013-10-1323-33-23-331.jpg) http://img4.imagetitan.com/img4/small/8/8_pes62013-10-1323-33-26-849.jpg (http://img4.imagetitan.com/img.php?image=8_pes62013-10-1323-33-26-849.jpg) http://img4.imagetitan.com/img4/small/8/8_pes62013-10-1323-33-29-532.jpg (http://img4.imagetitan.com/img.php?image=8_pes62013-10-1323-33-29-532.jpg)


Great game with a lot of chances on both sides, fair play and a great opponent !!