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12-04-2014, 18:22


Compatible with online mode

All licensed teams:
New Kits: Premier League, Portuguese League, teams Skybet Championship, Serie B, National team (Full)
Logos of Competitions (Full)
Emblems of the teams (Full)
Name of coaches
Names of stadiums for all teams
Referee equipment CL and FIFA
New pack of balls
Badges for English and Italian League
The names and logos of the cups
Correct names of players of national teams (Asia corrected)
Includes DLC 1:00
Includes Update 01/01/01
More than 400 new faces
Some players with tattoo
Players without a contract or without unlocked club. (More 500)

New stadiums: (optional)
Camp Nou
Santiago Bernabeu

Pes Selector:
Optional for installation: Pesmonkey - Pitch & Weather Mod V1.0, HP PES, and Stadium
Language: Portuguese, English and Spanish



MEGA: https://mega.co.nz/#!xpFRHbaa!pw5S73i0iWktMHryzo2RGqihFibUTany9_cSNKz zDpk


1º- Have PES 2015 installed
2º- Off the Antivius
3º- Install Patch choosing the folder where the game is installed "Pro Evolution Soccer 2015"
4º- Install Update 0.6.1
5º- PLAY!

Video Tutorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_kVsxFzMUk)


Bundesliga will be added after the launch of the new DLC.
Do not remove the credits or exchange the download links. Respect the work.
The error of the resolution have nothing to do with Patch. Good games!

v0.6.1: Correction online, new faces Portuguese League, Fixes Pes Selector and emblems of the selections.


Team Tuga Vicio:

Pesmonkey – PES2015 Pitch & Weather Mod:
Firas Zinou

Special thanks:
jorgecabral, Phenomenon, EmiratZ, TUN MAKERS, Ron69, AMussoullini, Txak, Estarlen Silva, Cleiton Silva, FootballMania, QPES, kpt1, KRj, 3011HD, Prince Shieka, majuh, mikrof28, QPES, Nemanja, G-Style

All facemakers and all kitmakers


The PES 2015 is not updated from one day to another. Let updating whenever we can. So I ask please that stop sending PM or make unnecessary questions. Thanks in advance for your understanding. The Bundesliga will be added in the future.