View Full Version : About SHOLLYM FACEBOOK page - (ALi Hakan Gezer)

10-21-2014, 12:28
My facebook link ; www.facebook.com/byAhg37
I am banned from shollym patch facebook page without no proof.

Here is the picture you must see ;
You see this shollym message is not fair for my helping friends.

Shollym Facebook Page told me "you was promoting other web site."
But I only introduce Sixserver for everyone can play pes6 online. And when I post it because fiveserver was dead.

So ; Give me proof OR unban me please.


Admin SPML
10-28-2014, 12:03
Haha, retko dosadan lik

What you doing here pathetic man?

My facebook page - my rules
I dont promote on other people's pages, and any person who promotes on my patch gets a ban, it's simple.

Here is your proof, you do this everywhere, I dont know whats your interest, maybe they pay you for it?

And fiveserver is NOT dead, sadly for you.

Zakljucajte ovu temu, koga briga za ovog bota.