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06-26-2012, 18:33

[Tip] WECN Patch v2.0 using a key to install mode before installation, make sure that:

1.v2.0 is based on Konami official DLC4.0, and 1.06exe patch, the installer to prepare a good DLC4.0 dt0f and 1.06exe you do not need you to prepare.
2.v2.0 patch installation is a key, will use plug mode plug-in patch installer is already ready for you the latest K hanging, do not need you to prepare.
3.v2.0 default is no need to archive can be realized all the real elements, the installation process will prompt you to delete, do not install after its own archive copy back!
4.v2.0 multilingual switch, if not installed Chinese Come game System Settings-Language Settings is set to Chinese, only need to adjust this time, because the exit when the save option, and later into all in Chinese.
Installation time pay attention to see each option
6 must be based on the original installation, do not install on any other patch.
Proposed to re-open the file. Wecn V2.0 is installed. V2.0 default is still there is no need to archive to the realization of all real elements.
8.WECN V2.0, there are two versions League: Bundesliga + Super + A International Version: Bundesliga + English crown. Default of the other league and the game. Install their own according to their preferences.

to modify the patch-based Pro Evolutiong Soccer 2012. Do not use this for commercial use, and completely live forum WECN of all games and WSI Chinese group is not responsible for any commercial activity and its consequences.


Polish complete the text message by WSI, a Chinese group is responsible for, the text 100% finished, including the Master League, green legend mode, fixes found BUG proofreading
2, join the Official Traditional Chinese, habits Traditional friends can choose to use. (Simplified and Traditional 2 S 1 installed)

The data
. three real-name data (Simplified Chinese, Cantonese, English) installed.
(2) the list of transfers and team based on the date the DLC.
3, the European Cup 16 updated list.

Graphical information
, the whole team real team logos, league mark. The team logo part of the original HD team emblem definition to further enhance the game.
2, the player location map finished
, the whole real master league sponsor
, to run for old K produce 2.0 beautifully shock interface.
5, scoreboard masters KO, personally penned the exquisite scoreboard.

International Edition:
1, all stadium eight transferred ad
, Allianz, San Siro, the Bernabeu, Camp Nou, Meazza, Wembley and other stadium billboards comprehensive update for the 2011-2012 season, the real advertising
3, France , the Netherlands, Spain alone cheer billboards
, in French, La Liga, Eredivisie independent real billboards (La Liga rewrite the template, the middle of the same on both sides to change completely realistic)
, beautiful friendship game billboards
Super Edition:
1 All real Super League billboards. You are there.
2, contains some of the features of the international version of the billboard

Sneakers description of
the shoes patch wecn of shoes group effort to build again. Inherited the ancient shoes and bags high quality and advanced! In addition to qinchao June Van Gogh, face up to the assistance of human zhaoxiaolei hsiang. Elaborate the brand popular shoes styles, all high-definition quality. The brands include: the adidas (19 pairs) Nike (17 pairs), Puma (14 pairs), Umbro (6 pairs), Mizuno (10 pairs), Lotto (4 pairs), Diadora (2 pairs) Under Armour (2 pairs ), Joma (2 pairs), Asics, (2 pairs), Hummel, (2 double), Reebok (1 double) shoes the total to an unprecedented 81 pairs. In the pursuit of style true, in addition to the original shoes, all new production of shoes 3D model changes (such as the Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII, Diadora Brasil, the MD and other special area of the map and the spike structure of the perfect appearance).

The stadium information on
this golf course package to complete the integration by the Sao Luo, there are a wecn the original love songs of course Jenna ball, Jenna, we thank him for his original works, to thank him for his trust and support wecn the turf package where the turf is to be completed by the Sao Luo surgeon to the pitch of the stadium patch all over again to redo with a three-dimensional effect of the authorization Stadium turf a new magic carpet HD texture! The patch package is the surgeon completed by Yela silent!

Football information is
carefully selected to integrate many of the production of high-definition football newly added part of HD football: European Cup Tango12, Super League real ball.

Face information
including homemade face of WECN face group and selected foreign countries of the face, and a selection of face patch is about 600M, WECN face leading position in the field of face patch at home and abroad, so that we have the familiar live inside the true face of the Chinese players and coaches.

Jersey information is
based on the basis of 1.0 jerseys, WECN jersey group to do a new Super League, Bundesliga, A jersey with the 2.0. The shirt the Nova kilalakus (K) to a draw in the Super League and the vast majority of A quality domestic team jersey, and the very real domestic jersey still proved to be the best jersey group, and the true in super referee clothing, a real European Cup last 16 game jersey.

Passion for music
2.0 music by wecn music group Qin MoメJi embroidery Hikaru carefully crafted a selection of 28 high-quality passion for music to shake your hearing. Enthusiasm overflowing European Cup, magnificent live music, you are not the same passion experience.

Referee face to
face package produced real foreigner referee

[Production List]
in alphabetical order
procedures: chut
co-ordination: xlr891105 (Yela silent), abao457 small leaves
Chinese Coordinator: Sao donkeys, small leaves, the Yela silent
text localization: leien2005, donkey show, Blue Jays, Dumb, A Zhong, Xiang Sao moonlight traced Snow, music, small Ryoko, notes,
data co-ordination of the icehouse : TheMan
Super A data production: bobe77 VIVAS
data finished: of Theman Mike Wolf, CGL, bobe77, yjn2007, zhuwubo
graphics finished. real team logos and league marks: Feather Bodhi xlr891105 (Yela silent), the
real show Monkey Master League sponsor logo: Whiskers sister, the Yela silent
billboard production: Feather Bodhi
scoreboard production: the KO
game enter the picture: wkt1 ( old K)
Map Maker: wkt1,
maps and coordinates of points: abao457 (Roaring)
HD football: xlr891105, zhaoxiaolei foreign author: NazGul04, Ron69, Dino, SKILLS_ROONEY
Stadium: Sao Luo, Jenna
passion for music: Chen MoメJi embroidery Hikaru
face co-ordination: mushroom mushroom
face production: WECN group: aotocn, zhaoxiaolei, mushroom mushroom, champions1989, zhangzhishun, jellies in the climb, the ball wins eager
referee face:
A Yung-chi bobe77 super production: LVPIAOD bobe77 Nilton1248 Yung-chi , Brooklyn pumpkin, whf199, cosmoslbh KULT, VIVAS, abao457 396 642 800
HD shoes: qinchao June Van Gogh, 3D model Review: zhaoxiaolei.
Matching shoes: Ballackaay bobe77, abao457.
Shirt Coordinator: the Juve Tina abao457, xlr891105.
Super A: kilalakus, (small K), tlxych (large magic), stonekoo82 (Shi Chun), xp Santos win.
Foreign team jerseys: wecn the jersey group: Whiskers sister, the Juve Tina, the Yela silent, totochoy, tlxych (Big Magic), stonekoo82 (Shi Chun) hughsmiyh (fly), xushunjin (Nic), ma830120 ( Dr. Ma), the summer night, snow, lancel1983, win Santos XP, kilalakus, md11907 (small text), the Empress, thousands of colors and old beams lizhiguo, shanghua, z13854807070 (Zhang), the wolf seed eden247 Pie cheap ordering the, Ji slightly, ted1, wkt1 (old K) of the foreign: Gypas Mert? ELiK jvinu2000, mstar1 the Dark the Nero, wilou, Asiat, Dino, the DIMAS ALMARZA, MONGOL, VENOM 1910, alcpcs, JOSEMIGOL, DEO, TXAK, MEDO the TOTTIMAS and some unknown foreigners
jersey auxiliary: kilalakus, xlr891105 abao457 (Roaring)
Super A real cheer: blue magic ☆ charm, LIANGYQ abao457
closed beta group: Ballackaay, wangjianhui, 7, left, 89 Peng Peng, Raul, y2kufo01, I was the first Galaxy thousands soccer1645, xtay21, the Tsudo first, Milan doll.
Thank the forum users boiled rice tea friendship upload.
Due to the large number of statistics will inevitably be missed if there is missing, please contact me, we will promptly make up, thank you.

[Special thanks to the
NLB, summer night, snow, Wang Tao, chut, K hang of juce to
thank all the staff of the whole ** and measured group

Home of the [entirely live]
we can focus our official microblogging us: _AT_ WECN completely live forum
also can participate in for all public homepage for the latest: @ fully live

PES2012_WECN Patch v2.0 official release:

The decompression Password: WECN
Password: WECN

League version Chinese league Edition:

mirror http://fenxiang.qq.com/filedownload.php?code=hnUf9RNmkA5ovIb7h9srT3c15ZGJ WaOq-yxYY663k1/Tzsm-teJe8AhnpVcHA/r6N7XVJVHX-R-HjKCEAQaEcsfwS5Iq4kIUYGloRzfiFRADJngpH0I2HtxbH5Aru 8BLtWvZcI25Y0M

International Edition WECN International Edition:

mirror http://fenxiang.qq.com/filedownload.php?code=K8mhgOrhQNZTCJfNvp4P7zj/YRbsgnjT/kzlGJthqXsvT3FHvO1az0iHhdQI/KyE/IHXufOf8f63fSmwVxekF5I0xzQXeNlyoPEwH/LqDV8GVTgFag2ka0Lpn1/JXgBC

Preview fixes unnamed_1133 - http://115.com/file/anb6p0px

2.0 fixes 2.0 fixes. :

Chinese league league version: http://115.com/file/e72loxrp
International Edition International Edition: http://115.com/file/e72loxhq

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Sta je ovo? Jeli ovo patch ili nesto drugo? :)

06-26-2012, 18:57
Patch je.

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Kineski pac je ovo ili ?

06-26-2012, 19:05
Mislim da jeste.