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10-22-2011, 20:43
http://hostapic.net/s2/thumb/thumb_bfdd598c.jpg (http://www.hostapic.net/show.php/7506_sc3.jpg.html) http://hostapic.net/s3/thumb/thumb_68e3a5d1.jpg (http://www.hostapic.net/show.php/7507_sc4.jpg.html) http://hostapic.net/s4/thumb/thumb_f0937851.jpg (http://www.hostapic.net/show.php/7508_sc5.jpg.html)
http://hostapic.net/s3/thumb/thumb_8b8451f7.jpg (http://www.hostapic.net/show.php/7509_sc6.jpg.html) http://hostapic.net/s4/thumb/thumb_c80d3307.jpg (http://www.hostapic.net/show.php/7510_sc2.jpg.html) http://hostapic.net/s1/thumb/thumb_42db8f3a.jpg (http://www.hostapic.net/show.php/7511_sc7.jpg.html)
Pro-Evo-Pes 2012 Patch 1.1 NOTE: Compatible with Konami DLC 1.0
Added in this version:
* All 24 Npower Championship teams
(21 are completed with stats and the last 3 will be completed in next versions)
* Added 2nd Dvision switch ( 2. Bundesliga and Liga Adelante compleated full with player stats!)
* Completed Bate Borisov and Apoel with all players
* Original Map position for all teams except 2nd Divisions
Other Features:
- All teams licensed
- All transfers updated
- 31 teams in Champions League Mode
- New Faces
- New Ballpack
- Original Sponsors
- New Supporter Banners for all teams
- Original Referee Kits
- Also Compatible with KONAMI Patch Update 1.01
1. Unninstall any previous patches
2. Install the “Pro-Evo-Pes 2012 Patch 1.1 Installer”
3. Install the “O.F. Installer”
4. Run “Pro-Evo-Pes.exe”, choose a 2nd Division
5. Enjoy your game
Still to come in next versions:
Scoreboard selector, more Npower Championship teams finised,
more selectors to make your game better, more teams etc.

- PupaPowlo (bhos0344) with who we created together the Npower -Championship 24 teams and also helped creating the 2nd Division switch.
- All face and kit makers.
Download Pro-Evo-Pes 2012 Patch 1.1 :
http://www.pes-patch.com/wp-content/uploads/buttons/filesonic.jpg (http://www.filesonic.com/file/2691302831/Pro-Evo-Pes_2012_Patch_1.1.rar) http://www.pes-patch.com/wp-content/uploads/buttons/wupload.jpg (http://www.wupload.com/file/717464491/Pro-Evo-Pes_2012_Patch_1.1.rar)

Biby Locky
10-22-2011, 21:14
http://www.filesonic.rs/file/2691302831/Pro-Evo-Pes_2012_Patch_1.1.rar :D

10-22-2011, 23:21
imam ovaj patch samo verziju 1.0 u kombinaciju sa DLC i nekako sam uspeo da dobijem sredjen of i sredjene dresove,ali u ML samo na meceve lige sampiona dresovi ne valjaju i to Realu,nisam ostale probavao.znaci sve je super i na exibiton i u ML ligaskim i kup utakmicama samo ne valja kad se igra liga sampiona,potpuno neki bezvezni dresovi.
jel zna neko resenje?