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08-31-2009, 00:51
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"Are you aware of the expectations of society towards your game?

The truth is that in the beginning it was a product designed for Japan and for Japanese users However, the series has acquired fame and prestige, and did not stop growth and has been very well received in Europe. We are very proud of the fact that we have fans in Europe.

J Which version of the graphic engine is used in this season?
I can not specifically answer, but I would say that we improve it from year to year on the basis of previous, improving all the technical aspects in order to obtain a better end result. The specificity, the amendments in PES2010 have largely been implemented in PES 2009, but still we must go forward in order to achieve perfection. There are several aspects in which we still have some work on.

. Is the beta PES 2010 can be noticed significant improvements in aspects such as facial textures and lighting.

Yes, certainly have been improved with the texture and lighting. Without hesitation it can be concluded that what was visible on the screen hedgehog better than in previous generations, but something more important than that, and this is optimization. . Everything has been improved and adapted so as to prevent any and the loss of frames. It is without doubt the greatest achievement.

Is the level of gameplay will be any significant difference?

Let's look at an example of the fundamental aspects of the game in PES 2009, if you play a match Barcelona versus Real Madrid, it is likely that the match ends in a draw 5-5 at state. However, the same match in PES 2010 also is likely to end in a draw but rather a 1-1 or even 0-0. In PES 2010 gameplay has been adapted so that every aspect was more realistic.

How to have executed a card system? ? Does not unduly delay the game start?

Cards themselves do not affect the statistics of players, so they do not give the computer an unfair advantage. Are more a matter of questions about how the players react to what style of play will be a real player in the world, its individuality. . The truth is that it may slow down setting tactics wheninvest in setting, but we designed them to prevent this and treat it as though it was the manager, with a slider in determining whether the player has to act in defense and offense. . Freedom means a loose player's ability to modify behavior, for example, if someone, for example, playing near the sidelines, you can make in this way to play more inside. . We have a free hand in creating own team.

Each year goes to players who are much better than another. Who they will be this year?

For example, Messi. Speaking seriously, the fact that in PES 2009 are players who are much better than the other and the defense can not stop them, for example, Messi, who was the same as in the real world.However, in PES2010 defense is different, it is more road players such as Messi. Everything is in the hands of tactical settings that make a player for your team.

Are they, therefore, players who stand out from others?

Adriano. In fact, it's a very destabilizing and very impulsive. However, the game has no system to distinguish the personality, so we'll see Hadrian in his best version of reality.

Are you working to improve the online mode?

. We believe that this year a system of online games is much better, and that the players will jump around the screen. We have big things like playing a strong online community as well as the Champions League where online is a pleasure to go to the next rounds. Unfortunately, in recent years, Spain was the territory where we had more problems with the online than in other countries. However, this year will improve in Spain. I take a look at the latest not yet presented a beta version, which has seen, and the details will be presented when the partners agreed on the details.

What about FIFA?
In my opinion, FIFA was great job, and for several years offers superb game, winning reputation. But I think you are blinded idea that it is not the essence of football. . My wra┬┐enei is that this year we will present our best work and regain the reputation that we have lost in recent years.

Do you think that it could be PES'a?

Among other things, we've added many improvements in the defensive issues, which at last became possible. Is full of belief in the success of PES 2010!

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